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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 769

I recently got rid of my Keurig machine because it produces terribly weak coffee. I broke open a pod and there were 10g of coffee to the gram. That's barely enough to make 6 oz of coffee and the machine blindly lets you choose sizes up to at least 12 if not 16oz. Instead I bought a Baratza Vario H and a Clever Dripper. The grinder is overkill for sure. Any quality burr grinder, including the entry level Baratzas would work but for my money I get the significant advantage of grinding exactly 25g of coffee every.single.time. I use a $50 electric kettle to heat my water. It serves as the source of hot water for tea and hot cereal as well, which is nice. The coffee is from a local roaster who roasts their beans daily and the average age of what they're selling is a week. I may get into roasting my own beans at some point but probably not yet. The coffee I'm drinking now is so significantly better it is like drinking an entirely different drink. Its like orange flavored drink vs. orange juice.

Comment the ONLY EXPLANATION is piracy???? (Score 1) 713

I was with him to a degree until "There is no other explanation except for the fact that “fans” made the unethical choice to take their music without compensating these artists." Its not possible in this guy's mind that competing forms of entertainment, the economy, changes in music tastes, etc. are causes for his friends' sales drops. No, it has to be piracy. That is a total leap of faith and is the same leap the RIAA and MPAA make that infuriates people.

Comment Re:Eric Schmidt, master of non-answers (Score 1) 431

Manufacturers competing on their "view of innovation"--which apparently means junkware like TouchWiz--is precisely what is fragmenting the platform. Schmidt seems to believe that by reframing it with a feel-good word like innovation, he can successfully claim that it's somehow the opposite of fragmentation. The differentiation and and in-fighting between manufacturers and devices is the fragmentation. Nothing he stated refutes the claim that the platform is fragmented; he's just describing the fragmentation in a different way.

NPD now says that iOS has officially closed the gap with Android in U.S. marketshare since the release of the iPhone 4S, so these issues are having a real effect on the platform. According to NPD's report, 150 Android handsets can't beat three old iPhone models. What's happening here is that Android phones catered to techies and budget buyers, but with the iPhone 3GS now free on contract, Apple now has budget buyers covered--and there are way more of them than there are techies.

Agree 1000%. Wish I had mod points. He's saying "Its not fragmented, its just a bunch of different systems, and custom UIs and different hardware, and different OS versions, and an inconsistent upgrade path." Uhm.... OK Eric.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 470

Graphical UI's are more fast, easier to use, you don't need to remember commands and even new users can do their thing quickly, without resorting to reading manuals and other crap like that.

I'll give you the rest, but no way graphical UIs are faster than using command-line tools.

They're faster when you don't know the commands. And they're often still faster if you only need to perform the action ONCE. I know enough to be dangerous in a command line and about the only time I find it useful is when I need to do multiple things to many objects over and over. And even then I PREFER a UI which allows me to set that up (do XYZ to every file in ABC dir, etc.)

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 163

Well, my screenshot was from Outlook 2007, so it's been around since then (released in Jan 07). The patent was filed in September 2006. My question is why it took 6 years to look at and grant the patent? We've now got countless mail clients that now use this as a standard feature. Have IBM been warning them they have a Patent Pending on this (or other, as yet ungranted) item? What happens to all these mail clients? How much will IBM be charging for use of this patent? What if they can't/wont pay up?

Exactly! What the hell is wrong with the patent system!? Now pretty much EVERY tool has this and IBM will invariably end up basically being a troll, whether they intended to or not.

Comment Re:yeah (Score 1) 215

You don't understand - Carriers make money for overselling. They want you to buy 1GB a month, because they don't think you'll use it. If you do, they'll complain that you are using too much, and "hogging" data.

What they really want is to charge you for a 1GB plan, then charge you extra if you actually use it. Carriers want to upsell people to plans they won't use, and feel cheated if people use what they bought.

I do understand that, I just think its bullshit and I thought it was a given that it was bullshit.

Comment Re:yeah (Score 4, Insightful) 215

The reality is though, they are cracking down on the top users but giving NO benefit to people who use 50MB a month. Those people used to subsidize high data users which you could argue was unfair. But now that people are being cut off or paying for actual usage over a certain point, the bill for people using much less should drop!

Comment Re:so uh why they'd support it? (Score 2) 356

Someone needs to go and burn down the Capital building already.

I've been puzzled from the beginning as to why the OWS protesters aren't in front of the Capitol and the White House. They're the ones ultimately responsible for Wall Street corruption, because it necessarily requires a corrupt government in order to exist and grow.

For corruption to flourish in the private sector requires a corrupt government, for only with a corrupt government can the corrupt businesses and individuals be protected from the People and Justice.


I've been saying this too. One of many reasons OWS was misguided but IMO the biggest reason is they were in the wrong city!

Comment Re:It won't last (Score 1) 377

Without being facetious, in reality these are the kinds of issues the so-called occupy movements should be focusing on...things like this where the average employee is all but powerless to prevent having any balance between their work lives and their personal lives.

The concept of a group of workers organizing themselves in order to achieve common goals, such as better working conditions, isn't new. That's the definition of a trade union.

Remind me again why the average US citizen is so violently opposed to the existence of trade unions, let alone joining one?

Because in the US, those at the top of the union power pyramid are just as bad as the employers and the politicians. They're greedy, selfish, self-interested, and completely unwilling to rationally compromise!

Comment Re:Evil Monopoly (Score 1) 314

The point is that Apple is suing HTC because they are using a map to pinpoint a location. I bet that in the last month, there have been a thousand courses taught in colleges and high schools that tell students how to pinpoint locations on maps. Why isn't Apple suing those community college profs instead of HTC?

Do I really need to answer that?

Who came up with mapping technology first? Was it perhaps Google Maps?

Because the high school teacher presumably isn't doing it in binary computer language or any other method that copies Apple's. Worst analogy ever.

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