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Comment Re:faster-than-light propagation of non-informatio (Score 1) 122

There are two things we need to consider here: First: The transmission of information from earth to the moon. This is possible. But that information travels at the speed of light so it's ok. Second: The transmission of information along the dots trajectory. If you move the laser point from one crater to the next, there has been no information transfer from the first crater to the next crater. Since the dot has moved faster than light from the first crater to the second crater, BUT has not transfered information from the first crater to the second, this is ok too.

Comment Re:Pay no attention (Score 1) 167

they are now reporting that there is no record of a US citizen with that name

At the risk of feeding a troll, being wooshed, or having the black helicopters come find me, I have some middle school yearbooks which say otherwise.


If the media really is reporting that Edward Snowden is a made up person, please, provide a citation.

I blame some sort of PRISM intercept for that *woosh* ending up in the wrong place.

Ah, the good ol' woosh-in-the-middle attack!

Comment Re:Author Misidentifies Core Problems with SOPA (Score 1) 214

Another problem that should be identified is that the people understanding technology are libertarian aspies unwilling to compromise. "No we have to have absolute freedom, we can never give up _anything_. Fuck you we'll move our servers to Sealand nenene try to stop me trololol".

By taking this immature all-or-nothing stance, we are rapidly approaching the latter.

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm all for EFF et al's campaigning. It is just that we, as a group have way to few vocal moderates.

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