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Comment Re:This should be entertaining (Score 1) 117

You're missing my point. Okay, so I delayed the update. Then what? I apply the update now, instead of before, and the laptops get hosed now instead of earlier.

How do you predict that a major OS from the defacto OS vendor in the world, is going to put out a major update that trashes a bunch of computers that have been certified to run said OS?

Comment Re:Yeah, but inciting people to violence (Score 1) 1034

Why are you assuming that the guy came to the US with the intention of carrying out a terrorist plot?

Is it that hard to imagine that maybe, just maybe, all the recent events might have convinced him that he was basically fucked, and that he wanted to go down fighting rather than crawl under a table and wait to be taken away for no reason?

Trumps is threatening to deport Muslims en masse, for no reason other than being muslim. If I was muslim I'd be scared shitless too.

Comment Re:Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1034

The thing is, he may be free to say whatever he wants. But he is *not* free to avoid the consequences of what he says, and that's where the problem lies.

For example, thanks to one particular inarticulate garble of his, he practically invited an outright trade war with China.

If he was some nutter standing on a garbage can in a park, screaming obscenities at passers by, sure, whatever. But he's *not*. He's the leader of one of the most powerful nations on the planet, and a lot of people look to him as an icon to be emulated.

So when he says "foreigners are taking our jobs" the likely outcome is that anyone who isn't white ( because these same people don't understand that someone can be born in the country and still be Muslim or Hindu or whatever ) is now at significantly greater risk of being beaten or killed.

The other thing to consider is that, as POTUS, (please correct me if I'm wrong) he no longer has the right to free speech because he is now part of Government.

Regardless, seeing as how the US gov't is practically using the constitution as toilet paper for a while now... who knows what's gonna happen.

Comment Re:This should be entertaining (Score 2) 117

Like I said, it's was a limited experiment. We actually use Windows 7 Pro generally, but since Microsoft has decided to take away fundamental controls from every edition lower than Windows 10 Enterprise, I refused to experiment with anything lower.

But even if we had been using WSUS, what would that have helped? The Aniv Update would have still hosed the machines, no?

Comment Re:Are you serious? (Score 1) 549

Well since we're resorting to ad hominem attacks, I'm going to accuse you of being a cliche conservative who has just as much a myopic view as the people you denegrate.

Newsflash for you... o/~I'm not even American.o/~ I follow a *variety* of news sources, particularly ones from Europe, where the news is a hell of a lot less partisian than the shit that gets served in the US.

And I know all about the bullshit with the Democratic party. Both with the DNC as well as the protestors. It's down right embarassing and shameful. But unlike you typical Americans who are unable to think about anything without resorting to a black/white, either/or you-bad/me-good mindset, everyone else in the world are looking upon you as the laughing stocks that you are.

What the rest of the world sees is that the Democrats are now hopelessly corrupt, but the Republicans are not only just as corrupt, but openly xenophobic and brazenly anti-intellectual as well. The only reason Democrats are even considered an option is because the Republicans are flat out worse. And Trump managed to tap perfectly into that I'm-ignorant-and-proud-of-it base with his word salad speeches.

You think we need "leftist sources" spreading supposed "lies" to stoke fears?

How god damn fucking stupid do you have to be to ignore the fact that Trump himself repeatedly said things like wanting to build a wall to block Mexico? Or wanting to deport all the Muslims? Or the fact that he pointedly did *not* denounce the support from a variety of white supremacist terrorist groups? Or wanting to instigate trade wars with China that are all but guaranteed to slam the US into a depression? Or the countless other things he said for the express purpose of riling up ignorant masses?

Or maybe we should talk about the cabinet Trump is assembling, full of extreme right-wing people who personify the worst that the right has to offer? Like a rabidly anti-gay VP? Or the "we should abolish public education" Betsy Devos for the Education Secretary?

There is real, honest to god fear out there, and it's a direct result of the hateful things that YOUR beloved party is saying and doing.

Comment This should be entertaining (Score 4, Interesting) 117

We were trialing a handful of Lenovo laptops running Windows 10 Enterprise. When the Anniversary update came, almost all of them got hosed. Most were recoverable after wasting a couple hours fiddling. One was so hosed that I gave up, reformatted the drive, and installed Windows 7 Pro.

It was that event that solidified my loathing for Windows 10. Microsoft cares more about siphoning your personal data now than putting out even a minimally viable product.

Comment Re:Are you serious? (Score 1) 549

No, apparently I *don't* know that I'm lying, because from everything I've been reading, and in videos, etc, it's the truth.

His entire campaign rode on, and encouraged, rampant xenophobia. Mexicans. Muslims. Blacks. Basically anyone that isn't white and Christians are becoming more and more scared for their lives.

Unless your only sources of news are Fox and Brietbart, there is no way you could miss the escalating fear out there.

Comment Are you serious? (Score 1) 549

This counts as a pressing concern? That Trump has the power to send spam?

Never mind that he has stoking the worst bigotry and racial violence in North America in recent history. Never mind that he now has access to nookoolar weapons. Never mind that he's going to gut environmental regulations and oversight over the entire energy sector.

No! He can send us a text message! Everybody panic!

Is there an emoji for eyeroll?

Submission + - Microsoft is selling Windows 10 Telemetry data to 3rd parties (ghacks.net)

ilsaloving writes: In news which should come as a surprise to no one, IDG is reporting that Microsoft is monetizing their telemetry data. GHacks has a good summary of the deal Microsoft has struck with Fisheye Tech to gain access to this data, as well as a Technet article that describes what telemetry is collected. Unfortunately, "Neither FireEye, Microsoft or ARN reveal details on the range of Telemetry data that FireEye gains access to."

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