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Comment What a mess (Score 4, Insightful) 419

So I can't even hazard a guess as to what's gonna happen this election. The US has a choice between a politician so sleezy as to be a caricature of a cliche politician, and a narcicistic psychopath who would quite happily plunge the world into world war 3 if someone makes fun of the size of his hands.

I mean, really? W. T. F.?

The only real option is if the entire country banded together and voted for an independent, but I just don't see that happening cause all the majority of people can see is the romantic idea of what their "team" represents, rather than look at what's actually happening.

Comment Re:This sounds like a Catch-22 (Score 3, Funny) 156

Fair point. My post assumes that have the ability to root the device in the first place.

S'why I gave up on android and went to Apple. If my choices are all companies that are going to treat me like an abusive control-freak boyfriend who teabags my wallet just for fun, then I may as well pick the ones that uses a condom while screwing me.

Comment Re:Windows N (Score 1) 112

I don't know if this is still the case, but Microsoft would go so far as to give resellers unreasonable incentives, IIRC even paying them in some cases, to only sell Windows machines. Basically Microsoft made everyone offers they couldn't refuse. And boy did they win big with that gamble.

I remember when the whole IE antitrust thing was going on, I was scratching my head and going, "But... But... What about all this". Oh well.

Comment Re:Windows N (Score 4, Informative) 112

But they arn't.

Have you looked at the sheer amount of shovelware the average PC comes with? It's breathtaking. And a lot of it can be oddball stuff that you've never heard of before, by manufacturers you may well not have heard of. So you are forced to either reinstall the OS from scratch so you have a known clean system, or you have to vet every odd thing you find in your Programs and Features window, and even then hope that there is nothing else installed. And hopefully that's the end of it, which may not be the case. Lenovo has already been caught shoving insecure crapware into the UEFI bios that windows will automatically install whether you want it or not.

Unless you purchase the Enterprise version of Windows 10, you cannot disable telemetry. Period. You cannot disable updates. Period. Microsoft also has the power to extract any and all data from your machine, remotely, without needing your consent first. You flat out do not have control of your own computer anymore if you use Windows 10. And incidentally, some US gov't judge has declared that people no longer have an expectation of privacy when using their computers in their own home. You do the math there.

Comment Windows N (Score 1) 112

What happens in Europe will stay in Europe. When Europe ruled that Microsoft bundled their media player and whatnot illegally, Microsoft released Windows N, which was only available in Europe (and MSDN subscribers if you wanna get picky). The rest of the world still got the regular version.

If France/Europe/whatever is successful with this, I imagine Microsoft will simply do the same thing again.

Comment Re:This sounds like a Catch-22 (Score 2) 156

it will refuse to boot or will boot in a limited capacity mode (presumably akin to safe mode)

It's right there in the summary... underlined no less.

I'm more concerned about the fact that I may not be able to replace the stock android with a custom firmware. Thanks to all the crapware that manufacturers insist on pre-installing on most handsets, and their refusal to provide updates, you're basically forced to use a custom firmware just to have a usable phone.

Yes, I know you could always just stick with a Nexus branded device, but then you'd miss out on potentially interesting innovations provided by another manufacturer.

Google should never have permitted the android ecosystem to become a dichotomy of "You can get updates, or you can get a cool device, but not both."

Comment Know what would be really news? (Score 2) 30

Know what would be really news about Facebooks mobile app?

If they figure out how to reduce it's footprint by an order of magnitude. Between the main Facebook app, and their stupid Messenger app, you're looking at approximately 750 MEGAbytes of space. What in the great name of the Holy Chicken Wing of Vega could it possibly be doing that justifies a footprint in the same range as a AAA mobile game?

I don't know if this is because Zuckerberg considers developers with bonafied credentials (like having a CS degree) to be overrated, bad project management, or if they simply don't care.

Regardless of the reasons, I've completely dumped everything facebook from my phone cause I would rather use the space for things that *I* want. If I need facebook, I will use their web site. And since Facebook refuses to allow mobile users to use messenger through their website, I've dropped messenger completely.

Comment Re:What the hell for? (Score 1) 86

Unless they run their backhaul on wireless, then 5G wouldn't make the slightest difference. AFAIK, once the wireless packets hit the towers, it then goes underground via physical networks, which is orders of magnitude more bandwidth than wireless ever could.

And regardless, I believe at least one carrier has already admitted that they've already got plenty of infrastructure to handle the job. The only reason they force such low caps, is because they're allowed to get away with it.

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