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Comment As opposed to non-governmental actors like SJW's (Score 1) 39

Once they have control of an online platform, such as Twitter, Reddit, or the various others that fell in line at Nick Denton's request, they enact and selectively enforce misnamed "civility/anti-harassment policies". The policies are only a way to enable and defend harassment by leftists of approved types, as well as defending the narratives they want in the public (or hidden).

Comment Re:Just like Samsung, AT&T, Apple, Verizon, LG (Score 1) 97

Because the licensing agreement that you didn't bother to read said they can remotely update the software on your device at any time and without notice to you.

If it bothers you invest in a Nexus or another device with an unlockable bootloader and install the open source ROM of your choice. If you wish, you can even fly without the Google Play framework, using F-Droid and/or sideloading your own APKs. It's entirely possible to have a completely open source Android device if you so desire.

Comment So they want to improve Narrative Enforcement. (Score 1) 38

All Wikipedia wants to do is get help in enforcing their left-wing narrative - by considering truth as counter-narrative material that must be purged.

Never mind that the SOCJUS contingent of Slashdotters prove my point by modbombing anything that counters their narrative, especially truth.

Comment Then initiate no-recourse quits. (Score 1) 338

If your job is being handed off after a training/etc. period, the job is effectively gone at that point. Should one wish to quit, they should be able to quit without fear of losing unemployment eligibility, any pre-existing good reputation, or any other negative consequence of refusing training. Any retaliation, no matter how minor or subtle is to be met with severe penalties (read: ones that discourage offshoring) towards the company and any involved contractors.

Comment Re: In other words. . . (Score 2) 314

I favor the libertarian model. Just to be clear, I'm not a Libertarian but I like many points of their philosophy.

Many people are surprised by this because as a black man, they don't expect that I'd argue in favor of someone's right to discriminate but yes. If you want to discriminate, it should be legal BUT you have to face the consequences of that decision.

I suspect that the vast majority of the people I know, of all racial backgrounds, would refuse to do business with someone who mistreated me just as I would refuse to do business with someone who had mistreated them.

Being that this is AirBNB, a private entity, I like it. If you're going to discriminate, they will not do business with you.

The power of the Free Market at works.


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