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Comment Re:Low Res (Score 1) 1191

I agree with the majority of the comments here. The discussion/comments section is very important. Also, being able to scroll quickly through the latest headlines is important...adding huge generic photos does not help read an article (yes, I know they can be turned off but should still have never been placed there at all). The new version, even with "classic" mode turned on, has a ton of wasted space on the sides of the center column. The current version is much easier to read and consume information quickly. Photos, unless representing tables or graphs, do not add any valuable information. The older look maybe is starting to look a little dated but at least the functionality is still there. It is a strain to read through the submissions on the beta. Please keep the original look. I believe this is going down a slippery slope towards becoming a generic news aggregation site like any number out there. Keep going down this route and I'd worry that the next thing to go will be the "News for Nerds" moniker.

Comment Another waterproofing company...HZO (Score 2) 314

Also with a booth at CES is HZO. It looks like they use a similar technology that allows electronic devices to last a few hours underwater rather than 30 minutes as with Liquipel. For most cases, 30 minutes would be plenty in the case of an accidental drop or splash. Also, Liquipel is available direct to the consumer rather than only offered at the manufacturing level. Would be nice to see a comparison with how technically the two technologies differ.

Comment He didn't want to "upsize" anyone... (Score 1) 238

Our glorious leader was of course an internet expert, and was also an anonymous contributor to the ALL of the RFCs on the internet, shaping the wave of future for our generation and generations to come. He didn't want to "upsize" anyone with his vast contributions to computer science and technology, so in his humbleness contributed only anonymously, under several different identities.

Not only that, but our glorious leader was also a heavy contributor to the linux operating systems (and was in fact counsel to the NSA's own changes to the linux kernel, SELinux - known only to him and the NSA at the time as NKJLinux - Naenara-Kim Jong Linux).

From the comment here.

Comment my favorite spam (Score 1) 186

This paragraph was one of those that exist at the bottom of the advertisement to try and trick the filter into thinking it's legit: As a man, you tally to take, you most belike someone never been neat at shopping, or symmetrical liked shopping for that thing. Now that you're achievement to be married, you'll feat that choosing gifts for your primo man change beautify effort of your to-do move. It's a provocative strain, but if you cognise where to perception, you'll be competent to conceive the perfect heritage in no case. -------------- I couldn't make something that creative up if I tried! Also, a few years ago I was getting a lot of financial spam so decided to track all the stocks that were being pumped. I only did this for a few months because it was too much work, but I just checked it now and all but a few of the stocks are even still around!

Comment Panororamio's "look around" feature (Score 1) 272

I haven't had a chance to play around with Microsoft's "Deep Zoom" thing or Photosynth because I doubt either would work that well on my Powerbook G4 even if it was supported on pre-Intel Macs. But, Panoramio just released something called "look around" that does work on my computer. Google talks about it on its LatLong blog. In a way it reminds me of the Photosynth demo.

Art with a Mathematical Twist 69

Euler points out a story about art created through mathematics. The Science News article covers selections from a recent exhibit, where over 40 artists gathered to show their work and the math behind it. The rest of the pieces are also viewable at the exhibit's website. "Michael Field, a mathematics professor at the University of Houston, finds artistic inspiration in his work on dynamical systems. A mathematical dynamical system is just any rule that determines how a point moves around a plane. Field uses an equation that takes any point on a piece of paper and moves it to a different spot. Field repeats this process over and over again--around 5 billion times--and keeps track of how often each pixel-sized spot in the plane gets landed on. The more often a pixel gets hit, the deeper the shade Field colors it."

U of MI Produces Strongest Laser Ever 244

eldavojohn writes "Weighing in at a mere 20 billion trillion watts per square centimeter and containing a measly 300 terawatts of power, the University of Michigan has broken a record with a 1.3-micron speck wide laser. It's about two orders of magnitude higher than any other laser in the world and can perform for 30 femtoseconds once every ten seconds — some of the researchers speculate it is the most powerful laser in the universe. 'If you could hold a giant magnifying glass in space and focus all the sunlight shining toward Earth onto one grain of sand, that concentrated ray would approach the intensity of a new laser beam made in a University of Michigan laboratory ... To achieve this beam, the research team added another amplifier to the HERCULES laser system, which previously operated at 50 terawatts. HERCULES is a titanium-sapphire laser that takes up several rooms at U-M's Center for Ultrafast Optical Science. Light fed into it bounces like a pinball off a series of mirrors and other optical elements. It gets stretched, energized, squeezed and focused along the way.'" And ... cue the evil chortling.

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