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Comment Re:Full name, or just first and last (Score 1) 564

Thanks for the reply. Its an interesting situation. I emailed the blogger and explained the issue to them and asked if they would be willing to help me out by removing the post. I'm not sure if the intent was to help me or mess with me, but they changed the name in the article from the short hand version to the full version of the first name. Now the title of the article is referenced on the shorthand version of my name, and the full name is referenced in the actual text. Now it effectively screws both of my names up, rather than leaving one safe...

Submission + - How do I repair/establish my online reputation?

illini1022 writes: I'm currently a senior nearing graduation from college. With studies focusing on power and energy I believe I have set myself up extremely well for post-graduation employment. I have one concern. The top search result on Google for my full name is a blog posting regarding an article about a pedophile that happens to bear the same name as myself. The blog also originates from a city I lived in during a summer (specified on my resume). Upon closer inspection, it would become quickly apparent that the subject in question is not myself. The person of interest was in the military, which I have never been. However, I fear this unfortunate coincidence might cost me chances at employment with companies I am now applying to. I have absolutely no issue with any employer finding anything I've put on the internet, I have been careful to protect my reputation. My concern is with an employer mistaking me for someone else, and disqualifying me from recruitment. I've attempted to contact the blog owner to no avail. What are my options? Am I overreacting? Should I attempt to set up my own site that would steal the top Google search from this blog posting? I appreciate any insight/advice.

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