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Comment Re:Already done by VMware (Score 1, Insightful) 137

Yeah, and at a great price point. *rolleyes*

IIRC, to get this kind of functionality from ESX or vSphere you have to pay licenses numbering in the thousands of dollars for each VM host as well as a separate license fee for their centralized Virtual Center management system. I'm glad to see that this is finally making it into the Xen mainline.

Comment not so fast... (Score 1) 118

The following picture was taken when the unit was sitting about 5 feet from my laptop. I'm using it as my uplink as I just moved into a new development with no neighbors to steal wifi from. Literally only 2 other (WPA2) networks are in range. Consequentially, this can't be blamed on interference:

Also funny, I had to reconnect twice while uploading that photo to twitpic earlier since the unit dropped my connection. The problem is intermittent and hurts all three devices connected to it, not just my crappy laptop.

tl;dr ... it's okay, but not near worth the money. Instead, buy a 3G card and a router that you can slot it into.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone and iPod touch v1.1.1 full jailbreak Confir

ABOBA writes: "Hacker Niacin (aka toc2rta) and Dre claim they've managed to make combine symlink hack with a TIFF vulnerability found in the v1.1.1 firmware's mobile Safari to get access to the file system. This is the hack we're testing here. Note: Due to the nature of this hack, it's to be considered ephemeral. Apple needs only to patch the TIFF vulnerability and file system access on v1.1.1 is out, with the touch and iPhone back to their previously not-too-hackable state." — Engadget

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