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Comment Re:Impossible with #6 or lesser shotgun shot (Score 1) 528

Even aviation grade barometric altimeters are often out by as much as 25 feet, and must be set for the ambient pressure (which drifts).

That only matters if you're concerned with absolute altitude. UAVs typically calibrate their baro sensor to zero feet at power on or when the motors are armed (launch).

Comment Re:Jamming (Score 1) 368

It matters if you're trying to jam a specific device or class of devices without taking out all radio traffic in the area. Jamming is the equivalent of a loud, constant noise drowning out speech. If the frequencies of the noise are far enough above or below that of the speech, it may still be possible to pick out what the speaker is saying. You can get around that by either being intelligent about what you're trying to jam (match frequencies) or by blocking everything (white noise).

Comment Re: name and location tweeted... (Score 3, Interesting) 928

That was my knee-jerk reaction as well. Thinking it though, SouthWest must have a group dedicated to monitoring social media postings in order to respond that quickly. Surely this group is familiar with the Streisand Effect, and would not take such action against the passenger. Rather, I suspect the punitive action came from the same gate attendant that the passenger complained about.
Gate attendant gets pissy with passenger -> passenger posts complaint -> SW social media group reads complaint -> SW calls gate attendant and tells her to fix it (i.e. apologize) or it will come up at her performance review -> pissy gate attendant calls passenger back to the gate and threatens him.

Comment Re:what could he possibly have seen? (Score 1) 138

Perhaps when it comes to simple ball handling and player-on-player action, that's true. However, like all team sports, strategy can be applied with respect to general placement of players, passing and the like. Ideally, these strategies should leverage each player's individual strengths, thus making them unique to a given team. Opposing teams could extract much of this strategy from existing game footage, but not newly developed strategies (such as those designed to counter a specific opposing team) or tactics that are being kept 'up their sleeve' to be used in a pinch.

Comment Re:Fraud? Try Idiot. (Score 1) 99

Which makes it all the stranger. High-profile area of research, likely to be checked, major journal... It's like a checklist of ways to get caught. The tinfoil hat region of my brain makes me wonder if the research is genuine, but other researchers are refuting it out of fear that the funding for their own research will be cut. After all, who needs an expensive, complex (and patented) method of creating stem cells when a cheap and easy solution produces similar (or superior) results?

Comment Re:Blue screen of death (Score 5, Interesting) 87

That came to mind for me. The "display" they appear to be demonstrating uses a projector to illuminate desired areas of nanoparticles. The new technology here is that the particles respond to a specific bandwidth of light, letting others through. If one had a bright light of that specific bandwidth (say, a deliberately de-focused laser), he/she could illuminate the screen from another location, blinding the driver if the screen covered a large enough area of the windshield.

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