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Comment Better Phrasing (Score 1) 2

I was coming here to post exactly this. However, you could phrase it better, like this: Ubisoft has become one of the most despised names in (PC) gaming with the introduction of their internet-enabled DRM 'solution.' Undoubtedly countless millions was spent on a system that would attempt to stand the test of time (and the cracker's wiles). While there was a crack to the DRM (for Silent Hunter 5) early on, it did not work all that well. For Assassin's Creed II, the so-called 'Flagship' game for the DRM, a work-around has been in the wild for some time now in the form of a server emulator. While it is a workable solution, it relies on a buggy program that only works up to a certain point. Most people are operating under the assumption that no DRM is perfect, and cracking group SKIDROW proved them right with the release of a fully cracked Assassin's Creed II(nfohump link?), a month and a half after its release. SKIDROW had a few choice words(source link here) to say to Ubisoft about the DRM.

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