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Comment Deliberate mismanagement (Score 4, Interesting) 96

Since the taxpayer took a large stake in RBS, it has been deliberately run into the ground to lower it's share price ready to be sold back into private ownership. It ends up looking like a windfall for the current chancellor, when in fact it's transferred a big pile of taxpayer's money into private hands while wrecking a financial institution. Banksters.

Comment Standardisation of Concepts (Score 1) 80

Mr Stepanov, do you follow the ongoing efforts to standardise Concepts as a language feature in iso c++? If so, how do you think it's going? Would you do anything differently? To what extent do you think the standard library should provide Concepts? I recall learning about Concepts from the SGI STL doc many years ago and being very surprised to find that things like ForwardIterator weren't part of the iso spec.

Digital Distribution Numbers Speak To Health of PC Game Industry 192

An anonymous reader writes with this quote from PC Authority: "Over the years many voices have declared PC gaming dead. We have seen developers abandon the platform for consoles, citing piracy as the cause. Game stores have slowly relegated PC games from prime shelf position to one tucked away in the back corner — even Microsoft dumped AAA PC game developers from the company. It seems, though, that the demise of the PC as a games platform has been exaggerated, because until very recently sales data ignored digital distribution, with the latest data released by US company NPD revealing that 48% of PC unit sales in the US in 2009 were digital. That translates to 21.3 million games downloaded in the US. Interestingly, although 48% of games were sold online, it only worked out as 36% of the revenue. This highlights the fact that it isn't just convenience that has PC gamers shopping online; it is also that games are generally cheaper than in stores."

Submission + - Internet Backbone Fiber Cut (softwareproblem.org) 8

An anonymous reader writes: My name is Jonathan Swift, but I don't remember my password.

Two completely unrelated groups of name servers, seven servers in total, suddenly stopped reponding to pings at the same time.

The 8-1-1 "Call Before You Dig" number is provided for the specific purpose of preventing this from happening, and not only does not offer a way to report that it atuallly just happened but is also closed tor the day.

The 9-1-1 Emergency Reponse operator got all pissed off when I tried to tell him that half of North America would find inself unable to speak to the other half should a national emergency happen right around now. They guy thought I was delusional when I struggled desperately to get him to find me a backbone Network Operations Center, then hung up on me.

But I knew my friends as Slashdot would be happy to give me some love. Please report your physical location, ping each of the following nameservers, the report whether or not each specific one responds:

I'm near the intersection of Blossom and Snell in South San Jose California..

I cannot ping any of these. I had just brought up a site for which the second group is servers. When I reloaded the page, all five of its servers failed to respond.

  • — ns.ez-web-hosting.com
  • — ns1.ez-web-hosting.com



When I can hunt down that gifted emergency response professional, I'm going to give him a clue as to what emergency response really is. Don't Get Me Started. Just Don't.

Comment MOD PARENT INSIGHTFUL (Score 4, Insightful) 225

If I fall for a phishing scam because I'm convinced the site I'm looking at is owned by my bank, isn't that the bank having it's ID stolen? So if the phishers get me to give them money, the bank pays it back right? Obviosuly not, that would be crazy. Just because it was done in the bank's name doesn't mean it's the bank's responsibility. Surely then, it's just as crazy that private individuals have to pay back banks who get scammed, just becuase it's done in their name.

Comment Tiscali blocking emails linking TFA (Score 2, Interesting) 228

So I sent a link to article to my mum and girlfriend, both of who are with the ISP Tiscali. It came back with "Unnacceptable Mail Content". Tinfoil hat engaged, I sent a few more variations to see exactly what they're blocking. As far as I can tell, it's any link to a guardian.co.uk url. Interesting, given there's an election coming up... Try it for yourself if you know anyone on tiscali - send a mail with a guardian.co.uk URL in the body.

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