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Comment Re:Typical american slasdotters (Score 0) 78

American Slashdotter: "Damn europeans! Always picking on our good ol hard workin corporations. Its about freedom and choice. Don't they get it."

Well considering you are like the third comment on this post, and there are no comments that actually say that...

I'm just going to leave this here.

[Citation Needed]

Comment Re:Someone else must have used Prodigy... (Score 1) 387

Yeah I used to love the Mad Libs game, and the choose your own adventure games on there. Had to be careful because some of them charged money, and I wasn't allowed to use any that did.

There was a little icon at the bottom of the screen (This was before multitasking computing. The prodigy application ran in DOS and took up the whole screen.) that told you how much you were being charged at the moment. Some of them charged by number of page loads, and some actually charged based on the time you spent on the page.

My mom used it for email, and was on a bbs.

Comment Re:To say nothing of their own reputation (Score 1) 561

The holding tanks were supposed to be a temporary measure until a permanent disposal facility was built, but the building of the permanent disposal facility was blocked for political reasons. The waste could be reprocessed in a breeder reactor into usable fuel, but breeder reactors are forbidden because they make weapons grade fissionables.

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