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Comment Re:OGG = MP3 (Score 1) 111

While it is a little silly (for multiple reasons) to transcode ogg, in my experience, oggs look more like lossless codecs that just have a more finely tuned filter on low volume sounds. MP3 throws out the high frequency spectrum to lose data, where ogg just throws out low amplitude data. Image compression analogy: mp3 is like changing the image resolution, ogg is like the full scale original just with some of the dark sections set to #000000 instead of something like #010101.

Comment What happened to America? (Score 1) 395

Does anyone remember the outcry about civility in political discourse when Gabby Giffords was shot? Am I the only one who seems to recall that threatening to kill the president was considered a serious breach of conduct? I'm not trying to argue that we should all fall in line with what's going on in government. I'm just trying to ask: what happened to America that we lost all sense of civility when it comes to politics?

Comment Re:Um (Score 2) 118

If there was ambiguity before (and I'm not saying there was), your suggestion does nothing to remove it. It could still be describing a situation where the diver's camera is (for some reason) being pointed out as a tool.

My point was that not only is the perceived ambiguity stupid but that there's almost no way to completely solve it. Language can be ambiguous at times, and there's not a whole lot anyone can do about it. Get over it.

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