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Comment Re: Smart guns... (Score 1) 814

So guns can be locked if it doesn't recognize the user. Can anyone imagine a scenario where the legal owner is unable to use his/her gun in an emergency? Either because the forgot a critical step in the authenication process or some unspecified fatal error in the technology. God help us if Microsoft gets into the smart gun market

Comment Re:Burying the lede (Score 1) 379

Written communication by an American cannot possibly be distinguished from written communication by a foreigner. Grammar? 2nd languages? How are they able to tell who's who?

If they accidentally targeted even one American, they've just breached the constitution and are in violation of US laws that came before their grandfathers making them criminals. Why has nobody in the government been arrested over this?

Because they think they can get away with anything. Scary stuff.

It's not that they think they can get away with anything, it is they CAN get away with anything. If you read the constitution there is a clause that exempts them from arrest. Article I Section 6 and I am sure that they have made other laws giving them greater immunity than what the constitution offers.

Comment Re:The poem was already a perversion of the idea.. (Score 1) 160

Whose idea?

Why did the people who wrote our constitution include a clause granting citizenship to those who are born here? Had *they* already perverted the idea?

When I was a schoolboy we were taught to take pride in the fact that we were and always had been a melting pot. Somehow we've run off the rails since then.

Actually the framers of the constitution didn't include such a clause. The 14th Amendment changed that when it was ratified in 1868.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 1103

I don't understand how this can be legal - fees for withdrawals is basically a pay cut. I guess this is what you get when you believe unions are evil...

Unions are evil. Like any other big business the only thing they actually care about is the bottom line. When you get hired on to a nonunion job that later becomes union and you have to join just to keep working and pay the union for the privilege to work. That is evil. I can live with unions supporting political views that differ from my own, but I will be damned if I am going to pay some schmuck to represent me when I can damn well tell my employer to go to hell my self for free. Most people can't just change jobs at will and I guarantee that a person can get screwed just as easily under the union yoke as with a regular nonunion job.

Comment Re: XKCD (Score 1) 164

The rainbow is part of the Bifrost bridge connecting Midgar (Earth) to Valhalla. Any alternate interpretation is vile propaganda spread by Christian heretics trying to sap our precious bodily fluids and turn us away from honor.

Actually the Bifrost connects Midgard to Asgard. Valhalla is akin to a castle or palace for the Allfather a.k.a. Odin. Only one-half of the souls of the slain go to Valhalla the other half go to Freya's field called Folkvangr. Both at located in Asgard. I would mod you down but since I posted here I can't do that. Norse Mythology lesson concluded, carry on.

Comment Re:Jupiter Tape? (Score 1) 621

So the guy is lying? Perhaps. Or just exaggerating. But I doubt there isn't more than one data center for this very purpose. The question is what kind of hardware would be necessary to compress all the data live.

Certainly some communications are being captured and recorded but all of them. Highly unlikely. The sheer volume of communications has to be unfathomable to the average person. That alone would make the task so daunting even with the best software programmed by the best programmers in the world. You have landlines, cell phones, text messages, instant messages, emails, blog posts, social media posts, file transfers, blah blah blah.

Even if you could convert the voice communications into text in real time you are still talking about a shit-ton of data that has to be sorted and compiled into some sort of meaningful file that somehow is associated with a person, place or thing. Then it has to be analyzed in some fashion and it all has to be stored. And that is just one days worth.

All digital communications being recorded? I seriously doubt it. I would believe that some of them are but not all.

Comment Re:Solved! (Score 1) 316

This is easily avoided by simply refusing to participate in facebook and other social media. Actually, that solves a lot of really stupid problems. I highly recommend it.

It is more easily solved by simply not engaging in criminal activity, even still there is the 4th Amendment issue here. My reply to my boss would be to get a warrant and maybe I will cooperate. Better yet grow a damned brain and figure a way to see my facebook page with out my password, it's not exactly rocket science you moron (the moron being my boss and not anyone here). I am not easily cowed by threats, ultimatums or the like a fact that my last CO in the Army found out the hard way. I pulled the religion card on him and brought that Southern Baptist to his knees. I found that having never been trained in the subtle art of Psy Ops that it was quite easy to get under his skin and quite impossible for him to do a thing about it.

Comment why not have a like fun at their expense (Score 1) 194

Ok 4th amendment issues aside, why not have a little fun at HLS expense? Cross the boarder with an electronic device that contains an encrypted file. Set the password to something really vulgar and insulting. Do what's ever is necessary to get searched and when they ask you for the password you give it to them. By the time those over paid halfwits figure it out and view the file you will either have a funny story for the papers or never be heard from again.

Comment Re:Sorry, Prenda (Score 1) 219

If I were human, I believe my response would be go fuck yourself. Oh wait I am human, Prenda...Go fuck yourself! If you don't like it, tough. I am an American Vet and I am not afraid to use my first or second amendment rights. Note the later is not a threat but a statement of fact that I am not afraid to exercise said rights. I earned them.

Comment Re: Death of Slashdot? (Score 1) 522

As an American citizen, born and raised, and a registered voter I consider every single politician corrupt until proven otherwise. If this senator were in my state I would straight up tell him to get fucked.
I am Duke Nunya, I live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Somewhere, WA, my phone number is 509-555-1212 and I approve this message.

Comment Try the Simple Stuff First (Score 1) 884

No need to buy anything when a few simple router configurations may do the trick.
a. Unplug the router from the internet
b. log in to your router setup and do the following: Stop broadcasting your SSID, change your SSID, Change any and all passwords on the router including the
WEP key or whatever encryption protocol you are using, finally setup MAC filters so that only approved devices can log in.
c. plug the internet back in and reboot the router.
d. configure your authorized devices to connect to the router.

Comment Re:Or the reverse (Score 1) 899

"I don't see how her ex knowing she has a gun puts her life in danger. If anything, it would probably act as deterrent to the jealous ex." Just means the ex gets a gun as well and shoots first and asks questions later.

As a former member of the US Armed Forces, (with an honorable discharge) I was always taught that even the most seemingly innocuous information can prove to be valuable to someone and potentially be harmful. The more pieces of the puzzle you have the more of the picture you can see.

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