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Comment Re: just now (Score 1) 117

If you have that kind of time, I'd welcome a fact checker for all of my posts on /., FB, my personal blog, LinkedIn, etc. Would save me some embarrasement and help me improve my positions and arguments. I don't post much, so it'd be easy & would be good for my persuasive debate skills. Call it a "peer review" :) Now that I think about it, a "post for review" premium option for social platforms (or plugin to other CMS platforms) that sends the content to mechanical turk (or some other service) for review in a normal 3 step publishing workfkow would be awesome. Set up my preferances on what type of errors I want checked, use hLDA and sentiment analysis to provide the reviewer(s) insight and context to my typical answers on a topic to provide insight. Quickly get back an editorial copy. Submit knowing that professional and personal posts are consistent and accurate across all platforms. I could go for that.

Comment Re: ISP responsibility as much as anyone else! (Score 1) 117

But they will monitor it for you with your consent? Interesting. I'd pay an extra couple bucks a month for a nicely packaged traffic report (as long as I could manage/delete/etc. some of the capture rules). Sure, I could set up my own proxy, or port mirror to a Splunk box, but that could actually be a service a lot of people would buy into out of sheer convenience. Even moreso if it was tied to their IDS for hueristic analysis of both outbound and inbound traffic.

Comment Re: It's not just that. (Score 1) 338

In either case they frequently continue because people won't move. I don't mean "a little further away from X", I mean load what you can into your car and a cheapo trailer & head somewhere else in this great land of ours. For example, many cities in TX, TN, AL, and GA all very low costs of living & great employment outlooks. /csb: I was a systems tech. (Novell CNA, NT 3.5.1 & 4 MCSE, basic switches/network infrastructure type) working at a small B2B services co. when the dot com bubble burst. Their business dried up & I found myself with 30 days notice, and a real chance of becoming homeless. Being in AK severely limited my options, so I applied for ANY job that (1) I was qualified for (2) was with a stable company while I finished adding some certs to help (CCNA & CCDA IIRC). Ended up with a phone interview for a job in TX. I got an offer letter in the mail a few days later and was in the car driving through CN a month later. That experience made me realize that the willingness to move somewhere you can be successful is often just as important as anything else you've done (e.g. education, training, saving $, etc.) //Most people never leave a 100 mi radius of where they were born. That's a real contributing factor to this trend. ///Still getting burned by a tenant that won't pay rent in my last house from this last move. Planning for 2 mortgages made it possible. ////Not saying everyone can make the move, but am saying anyone in a similar situation should seriously consider it without the baggage of their ties to an area that may be "home".

Comment Re: Im sure.. (Score 4, Informative) 36

I actually used to work with the guy after he co-sponsored one of the first joint public/private working groups with USTRANSCOM, the FBI (and other 3 letter agencies), contractors, and some leading cybersecurity firms. Lots of tabletop exercises, briefings, etc., and the cool stuff was all classified of course, but he definately knows his way around the subject at a national level very well.

Comment Re: This is not Open Source.. (Score 1) 61

... and that's already the rule. Almost all software developed under contract for the Fderal Gov't, civilian agencies ,or the DoD have an "unlimited use rights" clause incorperated. Providing a copy of the source for static analysis is also part of the approval process. It seems that what they're trying to do is make the sharing easier or to revive the multiple failures of intra-agency forge sites as a real common platform (think

Comment Re: Typical abusive prosecution (Score 2) 110

Stop listening to whatever conspiracy news source you have. The Supreme Court cleared this up in 1941 (Gorin v United States). Intent to benefit a foreign power is, in fact, a requirement under that statute. You can read a really simple summay here:

Comment Re: Really? That's a question? (Score 1) 71

Law of diminishing returns. There are a few good journal papers looking at the optimum investments into IS from game theoric and other modeled approaches In short: at some point the economic investment of continued improvement is offset by the likelihood of that vulnerability being exploited. At that point if the risk is still above an acceptable level your only real option is transference.

Comment Re:What's wrong with keyboards? (Score 5, Interesting) 192

Personally, I'll be registering for a developer kit; or buying one outright to help a friend of mine with ALS. Since she's severely limited in movement, the ability to control her computer (and thereby much of her enviornment) via small recognizable gestures would be a drastic improvement for her quality of life.

Comment Re:Oh good. (Score 1) 102

And funny enough, the Microsoft implementation of the Rijndael algorithm still hasn't been verified as FIPS 140-2 compliant - so you have to run 3DES (even on a server 2008 system). Try enabling it sometime and running a .NET website ... great and useless precompilation messages. HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\FIPSAlgorithmPolicy\Enabled

Comment Re:Only... (Score 2) 757

That's not a new theory in organizational behaviour and group dynamics. Machivelli wrote on this very subject and given the choice it is better to rule by fear - by fear you gain respect, you just must be careful not to let it fall into hate.

Much research has also been done that shows that personality is much more important than intelligence when developing leadership traits when attempting to influence people (OB by Kreitner and Kinicki [2008] is a good read on the reasearch that supports your statement) ... though it is not just a US thing.

Comment Re:They once were (Score 1) 757

Reply to myself ... yes I realize that there are professional terminal degrees that end in a doctorate now (such as in pharmacology, engineering, eduction, etc.), and that in some countries (the UK for example) the PhD is distinct from other doctorates. I'm not certain that it makes a difference to the argument though.

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