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Comment mosquitoes CANNOT be controlled with biotoxins (Score 4, Interesting) 244

they reproduce too damn fast, and with their rapid lifecycle comes the development of resistant strains.

Now, what we do know (I learned this in junior school!) is that mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.

How about a mechanical control method, that's been proven to work? DRAIN THE POOLS, PUDDLES, OPEN SEWERS, AND ANY OTHER BODY OF WATER WHICH DOESN'T FLOW! Problem SOLVED!

(Fuck Monsanto et al whose business depends on shifting ludicrous amounts of the nastiest chemicals known to exist).

Comment Forced obsolescence (Score 1) 210

I just replaced a 13 year old phone. Not because of the battery (which is the original and still lasts a WEEK on one charge), but because the carrier decided to drop 2.5G support and the SIM stopped working. I can't get a replacement SIM because nobody uses them or that level of network technology anymore. Do I REALLY need 4G to place a fucking call??

It's fucking infuriating that I have to replace perfectly functional technology that does EXACTLY WHAT I NEED IT TO DO simply because some monkey has the need to gouge me out of money I don't have to throw at completely unnecessary "upgrades".

Comment Re:Did they really have 8TB drives 62 years ago? (Score 2) 209

yes it would be unit-days, as in nX=22858 so each drive in the array (n) had an uptime of X=22858/n. We know what n is. It's 45. Therefore, X=22858/45=~508 days. The stated MTBF of the HGST Enterprise-class drives is 2.5 million hours. That would put the expected array failure rate at 2,314 days (2.5mill. divided by array size).

So don't be impressed, this is actually a failure report.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 1) 204

not only did the Russians use graphite pencils prior to 1968, pencils were also used on all Mercury and Gemini flights. They were replaced with the Fisher pen for Apollo and subsequent missions while the Russians used grease pencils for a year before ordering a hundred Fisher pens in 1969. And NASA never spent a dime on space pen development, that was all Fisher's work, paid for out of his own pocket. (sources: Snopes, NASA)

Comment Re:Dragonfly Telephoto Array (Score 1) 105

my cluster is a mix of telescopes and cameras, all on the same mount: a Celestron 90AZ refractor, a noname 4" reflector with a Russian spherical mirror, a JVC MiniDV camcorder, a SumVision Panther GX 5MP helium-cooled webcam (that was fun to put together!), and one or two compact digital cameras which shoot on their own for wide field or through the telescopes' focal axes for narrow field. The mount is an alt-az computer controlled homebuilt Frankenstein's Monster of an engineering abortion that somehow just works.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 1) 204

there is no reason to prefer ink over pencil. In fact, pencil is safer because of the ever present risk of water ingress - graphite marks are impervious to it. Also, at what point do you think a ballot is going to be adjusted? When it goes into the box, that's it, it doesn't see the light of day again until it reaches the counting hall, in the interim the box itself has at least two pairs of eyes on it at ALL TIMES and the chain of custody is rigorously audited for every single box.

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