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Comment Re:Just moving the problem really (Score 1) 287

My users never "wait" for the computer to shutdown. They click shutdown and walk away, not caring much if the computer hangs before halting or not... On the other hand they complain more often about slow startup caused by roaming profiles and group policies. So any speed up in the boot/logon process is welcome.

Comment Re:Google Policy on Automatic Updates (Score 1) 285

These Crashes are in the developement version which is completely opt in. Just like the beta. I don't see a major issue there. But I agree at least on the bandwith part. I like to turn off automatic updates for everythin when I'm using the laptop with my 3G connection. A notification about avalaible updates would be good and let choose the user when to update.

Comment Re:No news is good news (Score 1) 386

2008 R2, will give much more reasons to upgrade from 2003. Really interesting looks the move to 64bit only architectures, the vastly improved Hyper-V and the emphasis on performance optimizations. Related to the the Hyper-V enhancements and in particular the actual live migration support, I think that would be the moment to position itself as a real alternative to VMWare and Xen based hypervisors.

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