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Comment Re:This is BIG news - If you want to know more.. (Score 1) 477

The device needs to be powered (Very low mN per KW) so I'm not sure where the perpetual motion comes from. Reading the entire paper, it seems that force is derived by "Pushing off" the quantum vacuum (I personally interpret this as a dynamic version of Casimir plates) . The Casimir effect does not equal perpetual motion machines!

Comment This is BIG news - If you want to know more.. (Score 3, Informative) 477

I've been following this for a year or so - very interesting. Over at Nasa Space Flight board there are a lot of people making these EM drives in their back yard, with varying results. A lot of this comes from the original work by Roger Shawyer. He has stated that he will show a drone running EM drive in 2017. If that works ...that would change everything. Cheap access to space would mean space-based solar arrays for terrestrial use. Here's an article about his patent. There's also some very strange results with laser timing through an EM drive cavity. Almost like spacetime is being warped.

Comment Hopefully logic and reason will win this time (Score 1) 166

The skeptic in me hated the show - "Logic, Science & Reason" (Skully) always lost out to the "Supernatural & boogeyman" (Mulder). Imagine a show where, at the end, the weird supernatural was always explained by rationality. That's a show I'd like to watch, and it would be educational, too!. What I'm wanting is "Scooby Doo" endings - "The ghost/alien/monster was actually the Smoking Man!!!" - "And I would have got away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling FBI agents!!"

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