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The Gaping Holes In the UAE's Net Firewall 107

Barence writes "The United Arab Emirates has its own Chinese-style firewall to weed out pornography and other 'unsavory' content. But as PC Pro's correspondent has found out, the firewall has more than a few holes in it. ISP helplines routinely suggest proxy server software that circumvents the filters. Access to Flickr is blocked, in case citizens' eyes should fall upon a naked buttock, but The Pirate Bay, which 'offers a range of bottoms to suit every need, including midget and donkey bottoms for anybody having a really slow afternoon – remains blissfully undisturbed.' 'Ultimately, I'm quite glad the UAE's authorities block websites, and thrilled that they're so inept at it,' concludes PC Pro's writer. 'Just like everybody in Dubai, all they've done is made me a master of internet chicanery.'" Guess that depends how closely they're watching the evaders.

Comment Re:This is /. (Score 1) 111

Glad to see there are fella debators on /. I was too, and I was a very successful one (1st place state and ranked 5th in the country) - I've since diverged from the career path of my friends from those days (most of them end up in law or something similar) and I went on to a technical career. But I will say, looking back on it 20 years later - that that was the most useful skill I ever learned in life: to be able to walk in front of a crowd of any size and know through hard earned experience that I can engage them without fail.

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