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Comment Why would you even let them in the door? (Score 1) 307

I work for a small (~50 person) software development firm. I have no experience on the business side of the house, so I'm open to the possibility that I'm missing something really basic here. With that said, why would a company let a software audit happen? It seems like the only possible outcomes are bad. It's not like the company can realize any revenue from an audit (and could quite possibly end up paying money to buy licenses), and even if the auditors don't find anything bad, there's still the overhead of dealing with them in the first place, i.e. dealing with auditors diverts resources away from revenue-generating activities. So the best outcome one could hope for, from a software audit, is slightly bad. Software auditors aren't government organizations, are they? Do they have warrants or magical lawyer powers that enable them to legally do this? Why not just ignore their calls and refuse them entry?

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