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Submission + - IBM pushing advanced GPFS users to capacility licensing (

igor.sfiligoi writes: IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) Advanced Edition is no more. Effective Feb 15, users planning to use advanced GPFS features, like Transparent Cloud Tiering, have to buy the Data Management Edition, instead.
This will have a major implication on the cost to the users, especially cloud users, since Advanced was licensed by node, while Data Management uses a storage capacity license.

Comment Re:Is labor dying? (Score 2) 251

Not a new problem.

Every time you improve the efficiency of production, you cut the amount of human labor needed.
Think factory vs a bunch of artisan shops. Or a big agriculure machine vs hundreds of small farmers.

So far, every time we reduced the human labor in one sector, we invented another sector which required a new set of human work.
Or did you think you could have iPhones using the middle ages efficiencies?

Let's just hope we can keep up with the trend.

Comment Re:Open Access and Old Business Models (Score 4, Interesting) 220

You need something that is independent and that will stay around ~ forever.

While I am not advocating for the "old school" business model, publishing trustworthy, referable papers is not cheap.
Try an "Open Access" journal to see their rates.

PS: And, yes, there is always for pre-prints, where you can get most of the papers anyhow, if you are willing to take the risk.

Comment If only it was not running Android (Score -1, Troll) 77

At least in theory, I actually love this thing!

it seems the perfect thing... small when you are on the go, with a decent screen + keyboard when you sit down...
(well, something better than 10" would be preferrable, but it is a step in the right direction)

However, having Android and not a real OS is a deal breaker;
I cannot see myself doing any real work with a half baked solution alla Android.


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