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Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 1424

Trump won under the current voting rules. You cannot change rules after the vote to let some other candidate win. By changing the rules in the midair, you can even make a case that Gary Johnson won (by weighing certain voters to be zero or something).

I agree with you point that the current rules may not be fair. Then we need to change them and use updated rules in the next election. You cannot change them and apply updated rules to this election retroactively.

GP's point was that under updated rules Trump still had a chance (to win by popular vote) if he chose to spend more time campaigning in California. He did not simply because it did not make sense under current rules.

Comment Science used to be an art form (Score 4, Insightful) 116

Some time ago tenure system was devised to protect researchers who explore new paths. They could not be fired just because they seemingly accomplish nothing for years for a chance that they may suddenly revolutionize their field or something.

Nowadays universities in USA have turned into money making businesses which are all focused on whether a professor can bring grants or profitable patents disregarding long term benefits for exploring new paths.

Comment Re:What makes them think they can deliver? (Score 1) 124

I agree that Google is a pioneer in developing this technology. I would disagree that it would take years for others to catch up. For one thing, they do not have to repeat all Google's mistakes.

Having said that, Google is going what in my opinion a government should be doing, that is, finance a research into a technology that has a potential to pay off many years later. I am not saying it is bad, I think it is nice of Google to spend money that they may not be able to get back for years if not ever.

Submission + - The most distant object in Solar system is discovered

igny writes: A group of scientists discovered what seems to be the most distant object in Solar system so far. They proposed three possible explanations. Is that a Superearth some 300 AU away? Is that just another OORT object some 100 AU away? Or could it be a cool brown dwarf (Nemesis?) some 20,000 AU away?

Comment Re:Q: Why Are Scientists Still Using FORTRAN in 20 (Score 1) 634

You confused Fortran with Cobol. Yes, Cobol would stick around for decades because of legacy code in all the banks, insurance, government and other institutions.

On the other hand, Fortran is also a language of choice for cutting edge research where no legacy code exists and program development is done from scratch.

Comment Re:Scott Aaronson's take (Score 1) 199

From the summary, it is just a circular reasoning. The scientist has a good reason to believe that P=/=NP because other scientists have a good reason to believe that P=/=NP. Therefore there is a connection between P=NP? problem to the quantum theory. One had to understand theory is simply substituted by another hard to understand theory in a hope that since the connection is also hard to understand everyone would believe it is all connected.

That also reminded me of reasoning that how brain functions (or what human's mind is) can be explained by quantum theory. No one fully knows (yet) how brain functions and how the mind manifests in the brain so it must be connected to the [equally hard to explain] quantum theory.

Two theories have open conjectures =/=> these theories are related.

Comment Re:Politcs vs. Science (Score 3, Insightful) 291

Time and time again, the USA has taken territory it could have just kept for itself, but we insist on giving it back to the people we took it from.

Well, it is obvious that you are wrong here. US could not have kept Iraq (as in "annexed" Iraq). It did not have to either considering that it usually installs puppet governments around the world. Even though it fails again and again, it is not for the lack of trying. This tactic would surely fail in Ukraine too.

Russia, on the other hand, can and will keep Crimea.

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