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Comment Re: Critical thinking skills (Score 0) 283

Respectfully, I disagree. There are many interesting problems that have cut and paste answers. "Compare Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's attitude toward divine justice as it changes throughout the course of the play." To a sixth grader, it's an assignment requiring critical thinking but also a task that lends itself to a quick search for an easily paraphrased response. It's not a new concern (Cliff Notes!) but it's easy to see how training the young to search first and think later might lead to undesirable outcomes.

Comment Re: Procrastinators dream (Score 1) 283

My gut feeling is that cutting and pasting answers (programming related or otherwise) from the internet doesn't really help develop critical thinking skills except in the cases where a student is motivated to deconstruct the found answer in order to understand it and then makes a judgement call on its suitability to address the problem at hand. If students are engaged in that whole process, I agree with you that searching for answers might be a valuable technique (not unlike schlepping off to the library). If it's a cut-n-paste job to finish an assignment, there seems to be minimal educational value.

Exactly the same holds with professional programmers using StackOverflow: writing a program that appears to work without understanding why isn't really great programming and does not make one a competent programmer (but might make one a competent employee which I find to be indescribably sad but that's a different topic).

I'm not an educator, so take this with a grain of salt.

Comment Re:ipad pro (Score 1) 508

Well for SM'ing, the bigger screen is a real win: I (but perhaps not others) really need to see two pages at a time when running a show and the current iPad lineup's screens are too small for that. Combine that sized screen with the stylus and iAnnotate (or the like) I can finally see moving away from printed scripts for relatively cheap money.

As for lighting: your line "it's just wireless" is pretty funny to someone who's debugged DMX perched 25' up on a ladder, alone, in the early hours of the morning. I'll grant you that the larger "pro" factor is not a must have for that use case but the elision of wireless computer control with a traditional fader board form factor is pretty exciting when it comes time to write cues (or run an unscripted show live).

Do you believe that USB --> DMX is somehow preferable to wifi --> DMX via Art-Net? Every place I've worked (including the venue I own) has either made this transition or would dearly like to make it. Granted, large installations probably have other concerns but for small spaces (figure 50 instruments, 300 cues, and one or two tech folks) Art-Net kind of rocks.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 2) 550

+1 to emotionally attached. I briefly tried contacts about twenty years ago and discovered that (a) I feel undressed without glasses on, (b) I put my finger into my eye more often than I like to admit while trying to push my (non-existent) glasses up, and (c) I *like* not being able to see things -- not all the time, mind you, but there are occasions when I'm pretty happy when the world's a giant blur.

Plus "elective surgery on a vital organ" is like "jumping out of a perfectly good airplane" ... fine for other people.

Comment Re:This is newsworthy??? (Score 1) 77

WTF is this "button" you speak of?

Seriously though, in addition to the use cases others have mentioned I get a lot of mileage out of starting a REPL in a screen (or now, tmux) session and just letting it run -- it's easy then to re-attach and occasionally debug issues or upgrade code. I've had some Erlang jobs running for years like that.

Comment Re:Shuffles (Score 1) 386

The storage is one nicety that Classic brings to the table. The other real benefits -- depending on your use case -- are the interface and software. I've *never* had an iPod Classic crash; this isn't true of the iPod Touch (at least the early generations). Out on the highway on the motorcycle it's damn inconvenient to have the sound just stop. But also, having real push buttons on the Classic means that I can throw the unit in a tank bag and pause/play on the fly.

(Yeah, I get that there are probably all sorts of other ways to listen to music while riding but the Classic + Etymotic earbuds has been a cheap and reliable solution for going on a decade now. No bluetooth nonsense or fancy adaptors; just plug in and go.)

Comment Re:Airbnb profiting on illegal activity (Score 2) 319

Here's a New Orleans take on the issue from an alternative periodical. Your supposition seems to be substantiated by the article: the issue's not just the money but the culture. (I don't claim it's the best article ever, but it's not the voice of "the man" either.) The points here are compelling and not out of line with what I'm seeing in my neighborhood.


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