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Comment wow, i've waited for a long time for this! (Score 1) 106

i've been waiting for Mandrive 2009 for KDE 4.1 as 4.0 was supposed to be for developers.

mandriva, and mandrake before the merger with conectiva, was the distro of choice for me. mandrake 6.something was the first distro i was able to install, i still have that disk somewhere. for a little while i flirted with ubuntu but kept coming back for one reason or another. actually, i kept returning because i have a dell vostro 1500 laptop, honestly, i'd been better off with an abacus than this garbage, but anyways. mandriva 2008 was the only distro that would even load without doing voodoo incantations.

mandriva 2008 would work very nicely, but bluetooth was a little flaky for me. mandriva 2008.1 fixed that and fixed the multimedia keys on the front of the laptop (fixing the last little thing that didn't work out of the box).

so, with high hopes i downloaded mandriva 2009. ugh, what happened?!? my bluetooth is back to being troublesome. the mouse would say 'connected' and not do anything. power cycling the mouse would, well, 2 times, actually, make it work. then, kbluetooth would disconnect and reconnect to the mouse and the mouse would not work again! ugh!!!1!! the multimedia buttons stopped working!

most vexing for me was wireless. now, this P.O.S. laptop has a broadcom wireless module that needs ndiswrapper to work. now, mandriva 2009 recognized it, so said the control panel. couldn't use it but it was there! oh well, install the driver using ndiswrapper... 'wireless-tools could not be installed'!!! ok, hook up the wired connection and install wireless-tools. setup wireless > error! 'could not connect to ndiswrapped interface'!!! wow! ok, check to make sure ndiswrapper is installed. yup, there it is. uninstall ndiswarapper. check. reinstall ndiswrapper. check. install wireless card. smae error message!!!!

ok, noobie time (though i've checked in on linux for many years, it was mandriva 2008 that i switched permanently to linux). reinstall mandriva 2009. go through the same mess. still no go.

ok, install mandriva 2008.1. happy again!

now, don't count me out yet. i'll just wait for 2 weeks before retrying. bye then, these bugs should be worked out. i have faith in the mandriva team.


i was looking forward to trying kde 4.1. i know it is quite a bit different than 3.X. T-minus 14 days :-)


btw, the revamped installer is fanatastic! the artwork is simply incredible, you have to see it!


i hope mandriva 2009 works better for you than for me. I FULLY BLAME THIS DELL VOSTRO MONSTROSITY THAT HAS GIVEN ME NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS SINCE I GOT IT. the windows cd they gave me WITH this system COMPLETELY CRAPS ITS BRITCHES. god damn vostro...

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