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Submission + - Jailed for Trolling (

igb writes: A man with Asberger's who trolled Facebook and other social media about the deaths of several teenagers has been jailed, and given an ASBO (a legal order which it is a criminal offence to breach) warning him off social media for the next five years. It appears that he has a reputation for trolling elsewhere (for example, which implies that it's been going on for some time.

Submission + - Astronauts Find New Ways to Pass The Time

igb writes: It's often said that one of the problems of the Astronaut Corps is that they have a lot of staff, but not a lot of seats going into orbit. A twenty year career might contain one, or perhaps even no, trips into orbit. In the meantime, however, it looks like they're finding projects to pass the time. Perhaps Jerry Springer will be doing a special on When Astronaut Love Triangles Re-Enter?

Submission + - OS Comparisons from the BBC

igb writes: The BBC are covering the launch of Vista. Last week they asked people to submit descriptions of the benefits of their chosen operating systems, and today they've posted responses from two Vista users, a Linux user and an OSX user. There's nothing earthshattering, but it's interesting to see the operating systems compared on a level playing field, and nice that the BBC is given equal time to alternatives.

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