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Submission + - Social networks force Barilla chairman to apologize for his anti-gay remarks

ifchairscouldtalk writes: Pasta maker Barilla is in hot water over chairman's anti-gay comments. Guido Barilla said his brand would 'never feature gays in ads' because Barilla does not agree with them adding that 'if gays don't like it, they can choose another pasta.' Vehement protest worldwide calling for a boycott of Barilla products via Twitter and Facebook forced the chairman to apologize with a video on Facebook.

Submission + - Pasta maker Barilla in hot water for anti-gay comments

ifchairscouldtalk writes: Company chairman Guido Barilla provoked outrage when he said his brand would 'never feature gays in ads' adding that 'if gays don't like it, they can choose another pasta.' Barilla's chairman affirmed his support for 'traditional families' where women played a central 'sacred' role. In Barilla's ads women are primarily portrayed as homebound. The comments caused a storm of online outrage with Twitter #boicottabarilla (boycott Barilla) trending. Italy is one of the few states in Western Europe which does not recognize same-sex unions in law and where gays and women have often been vilified by top public figures.

Submission + - Microsoft and Nokia sign partnership ( 2

ifchairscouldtalk writes: Mobile phone maker Nokia announced a broad strategic partnership with Microsoft in the effort to rebuild its fortunes, troubled by stiff competition from Apple and Android phones. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that Windows Mobile 7 will be Nokia's primary smartphone platform. Although Nokia will not immediatly abandon Symbian powered phones and MeeGo is said to be part of a "longer-term market exploration", Alberto Torres, who has led the development of MeeGo, is leaving the company. Shares in Nokia fell by more than 10% in early trading in Helsinki.

Submission + - Google execs convicted in Italy for bullying video (

ifchairscouldtalk writes: A court in Milan found Google Italy employees guilty of privacy violations for allowing the publication of an Internet video showing a handicapped teenager being bullied. The video remained online for two months even when some web users posted comments asking for it to be removed. The three were sentenced to six months in jail but they will not serve jail time because sentences of less than three years are commuted in Italy for people without criminal records.

Submission + - AIDS Vaccine is partially successful

ifchairscouldtalk writes: "Phase III "RV 144" study in Thailand succeeded in reducing HIV infection rate in trial with 31.2% effectiveness. The study was conducted by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health and used strains of HIV common in Thailand. It is not clear whether the vaccine, which combines AIDSVAX with Aventis Pasteur ALVAC-HIV canarypox vector, known as "vCP1521", would work against other strains in the United States, Africa or elsewhere. Strangely, the vaccine had no effect on levels of HIV in the blood of those who did become infected, providing 'one of the most important and intriguing findings' of the trial, according to Dr Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is one of the trial's sponsors."

Submission + - Bill Gates quits Facebook (

ifchairscouldtalk writes: Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft, which purchased a 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million in 2007, quit his Facebook profile. Apparently, the more than 10,000 friend requests made it difficult and tedious to determine who he knew and who he didn't. 'It was just way too much trouble so I gave it up,' he said. While the technological revolution has been 'hugely beneficial,' it can also 'waste our time' he warned.

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