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Comment Re:Don't blame movie or guns... PLEASE (Score 1) 1706

I'm happy to blame gun control law. I see many posts comparing the use of an assault rifle with using knives, swords, cars, fire. Ridiculous! An assault rifle is engineered for one purpose: stopping power. It puts a unusually large potential for death and mayhem into the common citizen's hands. Yes, this deranged fuckwad is to be blamed, he is the asshole who committed this atrocity. But surely you can see the ease of which someone obtains weapons like a ar15 as a bit of a problem. This is no hunting rifle or hand gun. Come on.

Comment Re:galaxy note (Score 1) 660

Yeah, might as well lug a laptop around, I agree. I'm not vendor bias, my smartphone is a blackberry bold 9900, chosen because of it's size and because 99% of my phone usage is text and email. My tablet is an asus transformer pad, chosen because I wanted something other than my ipad. And my laptop is a Macbook air, it's light, small, and does what I need for my job (software engineer). My point was only that I prefer a small phone for general mobility and being out and about. If I know i'm going to be surfing the web and reading docs, I'll use my tablet. And if I'm gonna work: laptop. I have friends that spend a lot of time on the bus and love their giant screened phones..

Comment Re:Facebook is a public place (Score 0) 483

If that bar had millions of customers interacting at any given time including minors and adults together, well, it just might. Shop owners and bar tenders will report things to the police if they overhear certain conversations. The level of reporting is going to be effected by how it impacts your customer base. Fb is not going to start reporting every chat with the word dope in it because they'll loose their customers. Because fb makes it easier for some online predator crime I believe they have a moral obligation to take steps to prevent that. I'm done with this: if you're using fb to pick up minors you might be caught. Good.

Comment Re:Products (Score 1) 578

I bet most people here know the viagra music from the commercials - you know: Goooood morning.. goood morning !!! we danced the whole night through.. good morning, good morning to you. With the dude prancing down the sideway to work all chipper. You'll never convince me these ads don't sink in.. Advertising is about exposure and your post simply enforces that - even if you don't want these items (right now and possible not ever). For example, you said "b) Intimate product ads, many targetted at an older demographic (I don't need viagra or KY, thanks)". You may have no need of this product at the moment but thanks to the advertisements you know it exists; mission accomplished.

Comment Re:And dont you DARE close your eyes or not listen (Score 5, Insightful) 578

I was actually quite surprised recently when I re-order cable television to watch the Canucks lose in the first round of the playoffs.. I was surprised at all the products, movies, and television that I had no idea about until I saw commercials on tv for the first time in two years. Maybe I'm unique, but I doubt that. I think commericals and advertisements have more effect on us than most people are willing to admit. I'll go out on a limb and say that advertising via commericals on television still works for companies (especially clever and memorable ones such as Coke or Apple)

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