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Comment Bernie was an actual Socialist (Score 1, Insightful) 249

The attack ads practically write themselves. All they had to do was point out that Chavez, in Venezuela, was an actual Socialist, and look how well Venezuela is doing, and Bernie will do for America what Chavez did for Venezuela. Repeat at high volume for 3 months. Heck, look at how well the attacks claiming Obama and Bill Clinton were Socialists worked, and they were nowhere near socialism.

Bernie, unlike Hillary, would've lost the popular vote too.

Comment Completely false assumption (Score 1) 153

This article and summary are coming to conclusions that are completely false. This stupid little port is just a USB variant, and the only reason Apple has even acknowledged it is that only certain connectors can be used on the ends of "MFI" certified products such as cables and accessories. They in no way intend to put this connector on the iphone, but it is in wide enough use that they dont want to exclude someone already making a product that uses one from paying them that sweet MFI license fee.

The MFI program itself is and has always been the reason to hold back from a USB-C phone; it makes huge revenue for them. With lightning they have leverage to force the MFI licensing. If it becomes valuable as a brand/mark on its own and consumers look for it when choosing accessories then maybe they can safely switch to USB-C.

The problem is that the grey market is so accessible that genuine licensed products have trouble competing even if they make a superior product and follow all the rules. The whole thing is locked into a catch-22 where consumers appear to want the change but are also the obstruction to making it, at least from a business perspective.

I can tell you though that based on the quality spread I've seen with USB3, HDMI, DisplayPort junk that's out there now I would be very delighted to see some kind of consumer-oriented quality standards program emerge. I won't buy 10GbE cables that arent properly tested and certified and these new consumer standards are all equally demanding.

Comment My experiences (Score 1) 435

I have started declining to tell my current salary. I explain that my offer should be related to the value I bring to the company, not based on previous work at another company.

I went through a screening process a couple of years ago with an enterprise level company. A recruiter reached out to me about a position that looked appealing to me. One of my first questions to the recruiter was the salary range for the position. It was right in line with what I was expecting, and I replied that the range was satisfactory.

During the phone screen (done by the recruiter, not the hiring manager), I passed all of her questions. Towards the end she had some background questions, including my current salary. I explained that I was unwilling to divulge that information, but that I found the agreed salary range to be acceptable.

The recruiter explained that she could not continue the screen without that information. When I explained that I declined again, she hung up on me.

Since then I have spoken to other people that work for the company, and they have nothing good to say about working for the company. So I guess my policy paid off.

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