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Comment Re:After care may be needed (Score 2) 521

I'm sure you can technically "live" on $17k/yr but let's be real, this isn't won-the-lotto, now-you-can-relax money. After the pilot is over these people are gonna get kicked in the junk.

And, yeah everyone will love the program because it creates an artificial income disparity between people "in" and people "out" of the program. A true basic income test has to be truly universal, otherwise it'll just end up like the FEMA credit cards after Katrina or soldiers on leave -- a bunch of shady businesses will crop up with great ways for these people to blow all that extra money, and if there is one thing that people are generally good at doing across all income brackets it's spending someone else's money.

Comment Re:New GarageBand ToS (Score 2) 65

Can you provide any evidence for what you claim? GarageBand actually has a long history of having a very user-friendly approach to copyright. Some bad actors have made claims against certain GarageBand loops in the past, but they have all been trolls. With the exception of distributing single loops individually, content created with Garageband comes with a worldwide royalty free license and Apple doesn't claim to own or have any rights to user-produced content.

Comment Re:Is anyone surprised by this? (Score 1) 145

Sure: Florida Stat. 501.204
"Unfair methods of competition, unconscionable acts or practices, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful."

The definitions section of the statute lists what practices "may" be considered violative of the law (and the ones listed are extremely broad), but it does not restrict them to the ones listed.

Comment Re:Dumb terminals shouldn't be considered PCs. (Score 1) 131

I really wanted to like my chromebook but the Chrome OS is just too annoying. The filesystem is accessible -- sort of -- but if they could just go to the standard Win/Mac/Linux directory system and enable click-and-drag it would be so much more useful. I mean, you would still have the annoying everything-runs-in-the-browser part but the system would be significantly less annoying.

Comment Re:Don't underestimate his role. He was like Hendr (Score 2) 116

"While his software accomplishments may be looked down upon by some, it was his role as a free thinker and a spiritual leader of the open source movement that was his greatest accomplishment"

Well, the problem is he has spent a long time bragging about his software accomplishments, trying for decades to craft this image of himself as an effortless universal programming genius who understands it on a deep level, when his actual achievements don't merit that image in the slightest. Which wouldn't be so bad by itself if he wasn't just a nasty, arrogant, racist, misogynist, islamophobic guy as well who also tries to paint himself as this supermacho badass; some of his self-congratulatory writing is so over-the-top that it suggests a need for mental health professionals intervention.

Comment uhhh (Score 1) 116

"But the blog post also answers the inevitable question. What archetype is Eric S. Raymond?"

Uhhh, no, that just answers the question "what archetype does Eric S. Raymond THINK he is?" Come on, the man is a narcissistic self-promoter with vile political views and a very flimsy "hacker" resume.

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