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Journal Journal: More painting

I've finished painting the case, and scrubbed off or otherwise fixed many of the nasty parts, pics to come.
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Journal Journal: Painting

I painted most of the case today with some blue spraypaint, which looks quite nice, however I left it out too long and dew came around (luckily I got the guts of the box in before it got too hairy, I can't say the same for the casing, though), so I'll have to finish the job tomorrow, once finished I'll post the pictures. I ran into another problem as well, a microsoft sticker I peeled off still has some glue where it once was, but most of it is gone now, hopefully I can mask over it. The top will be covered most likely, but it was painted just in case.

The windows will be very difficult, however, as the case is going to be wide-end-down, since the other (it is supposed to be the bottom when lying down) side is metallic and asymmetrical to its opposite. This is going to be a bit of a challenge.

This was a very dirty box when I looked at it, this picture is after some deep scrubbing:

A close inspection after ripping off the "Intel Inside/Pentium III" (that's right, Pentium III) sticker shows the difference between the untouched area left by the sticker and the rest of the box. Not pretty (again, this is after washing):

These are the guts after a wipedown. It is difficult to see, but they were (and still are, to an extent) extremely dirty. I should get some compressed air for this:
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Journal Journal: Supplies

I bought a can of blue plastic bonding spraypaint today, and have been scouting for jobs so I can get more parts for the mod. I may also buy a Dremel soon, unless a friend or relative has one they are willing to lend.
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Journal Journal: Computer hardware

I finally looked at the computer a little longer than a few seconds, and it is a Dell OptiPlex GX110. Time to figure out if the motherboard is standard ATX.
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Journal Journal: Case window tinting

Apparently, according to some users at the PCMech Forums, I can tint acrylic plastic case windows the same as regular windows, or use other products.

From HAL9000: You could use car window tint, or another suggestion would be to use Rit Dye... that way you can tint it whatever colour you want and the depth of the tint is all dependant on how long you leave the part in the dye solution.

And from Propain: Plexiglass/Lucite does come in various color. Some great information there, thanks!
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Journal Journal: She's got my friend Bob Sackanattam!

I saw the PC I'm getting for the project. Hopefully it is ATX (for internal upgrdes, if necessary), but it is smaller than the midtower I was expecting, and quite thin as well.

I also got some ideas for the top shaping and a body kit, logs are as follows (just as much for my own tracking).

Kurisu: that would work
Kurisu: you could get a block of foam and make the shape
Kurisu: and then use some sort of resin
Kurisu: carving out plastic is a hassel
idolcrash: resin coating?
Kurisu: yeah
Kurisu: or even better
Kurisu: there's liquid fiberglass
Kurisu: I think if you go to somewhere like tap plastics
Kurisu: there should be some liquid material to use
Kurisu: can use packaging foam too
Kurisu: just need some sandpaper and an xacto

Personally, I'm thinking about going the liquid plstic route.
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Journal Journal: More Recent Entry

This is the entry from the next day (12/15):

I've made a few sketches and some scribbles (ie notes) for what I plan to do.

Originally, I was planning to have a tube hold the spoiler (tube goes through case and holds supports which hold the fin), but realized this would probably go through the motherboard (duh). Another idea would be to just have support racks bolted to probably the top of the case so the weight is now straight (more or less) down on the case, and the screws aren't touching anything (depending on the PSU size, which may need to be switched out). This was the two pages of the spoiler detail.

I did a front detail, and thought it may be possible to put a windshield under the CD-ROM drive (hopefully), but I'll have to look at the case when it arrives. I've also added the idea of a grill, not only for looks, but for decent airflow from the front to whatever is in that area (probably HDD racks), between the headlights.

On the bottom detail, I decided that 2-4 12" CCFL strips would be good (most likely green) to stimulate ground lighting, with holes drilled in the bottom for the wires (that way I can keep the inverter inside).

Still no idea on how I'm going to make rims on the case feet, though, but I'll work on it more tomorrow.
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Journal Journal: Mod Project

I've decided to move my modding project from my LJ here, and the short of the story:
Short of the Story:
I am getting an old computer I plan to use as a server, but first, I will mod it to mock a riced-out Honda Civic.

Earliest Post From LJ:
List of mods:
  • Blue paint job
  • Spoiler
  • Groundlights (cold cathodes along the bottom)
  • Lighted(?) case feet, perhaps with custom rims
  • Case windows to mock regular car windows
  • Perhaps a cover on the front of the case to provide an area to make a windshield
  • Huge muffler where exhaust fan belongs
  • Custom-made white LED headlights
  • Custom-made taillights (LED)
  • Body Kit?
  • Rear-view mirrors, if financially possible, with real mirrors.
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Journal Journal: Woot

W00t exams! I know that no one can wait whatsoever! Also, it seems my karma went from bad to positive, that's good.

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