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Security Gets Shut Down SOPA-Style 188

itwbennett writes "In a post on the company blog, cofounder Aytekin Tank alerts users that 'a US government agency has temporarily suspended' the domain. He explains that it is part of an 'ongoing investigation' of content posted to its site by a user. Although which user and what content haven't yet been disclosed, there is speculation about forms used for a phishing attack on a South African bank. JotForm hosts over two million user-generated forms, and uses software to block fraudulent accounts (65,000 so far), so you can see there's plenty of opportunity for mischief."

Submission + - Tim Schafer Project Smashes Kickstarter Records (

Matchstick writes: Tim Schafer, the veteran designer of classic adventure games like Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, posted a $400,000 kickstarter project to fund a new adventure game and accompanying video documentary. In just over 8 hours the project reached its funding goal, smashing the previous Kickstarter record of $165,000 in 24 _hours_.

Submission + - Webkit is becoming the new IE6 (

An anonymous reader writes: Due to many web authors only using the -webkit- CSS prefix on pages for features other browsers also implement, according to Daniel Glazman, co-chairman of the W3C CSS Working Group, Microsoft Mozilla and Opera are about to implement the -webkit- prefix in their style parsers also. He says:

Let me be very clear: this is NOT hypothetical and I'm not discussing here something that could happen. All browser vendors let us officially know it WILL happen, and rather sooner than later because they have, I quote, "no other option".


Submission + - Sale or License? Sister Sledge Sues Over iTunes

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Hollywood Reprter reports that members of the iconic disco-era musical group Sister Sledge have filed a major class action lawsuit against Warner Music Group claiming that the music giant's method for calculating digital music purchases as "sales" rather than "licenses" has cheated them out of millions of dollars from digital music sales. Songwriters typically make much less money when an album is "sold" than they do when their music is "licensed" (the rationale derives from the costs that used to be associated with the physical production of records) but record labels have taken the position that music sold via such digital stores as iTunes should be counted as "sales" rather than licenses. The difference in revenue can be significant as Sister Sledge claim their record deal promises 25 percent of revenue from licenses but only 5-1/2% to 6-1/2% of net from sales. Eminem's publisher brought a nearly identical claim against Universal Music Group and won an important decision at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2010 when the 9th Circuit ruled that iTunes' contract unambiguously provided that the music was licensed. The lawsuit argued that record companies’ arrangements with digital retailers resembled a license more than it did a sale of a CD or record because, among other reasons, the labels furnished the seller with a single master recording that it then duplicated for customers. “Unlike physical sales, where the record company manufactures each disc and has incremental costs, when they license to iTunes, all they do is turn over one master,” says attorney Richard S. Busch. “It’s only fair that the artist should receive 50 percent of the receipts.”"

Comment Re:Third party or third rate? (Score 2) 88

I can't find it now, but there's a good post from one of Steam's engineers about the Direct X issue on the Steam forums. Essentially the issues with Direct X all stem from Microsoft not providing ways for different games to use similar or separate libraries, and as such they must be reinstalled for every game to work properly.

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