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Comment Re:It's not about how much it costs to make (Score 4, Interesting) 110

This is because, for the most part, scientists are focused on their research subject and their area of expertise, cost reduction, not so much. You can't really expect everyone everywhere (especially outside of engineering) to know the intricacies of arduinos, NI DAQs, etc. as well as how to best implement them. That's for the engineers, really, and having and extra engineer on the research team most likely costs more than the savings they could help I'm not sure how many, say electrical engineers, would be interested in that kind of work anyways.

Comment Re:Oh Goody! (Score 1) 65

Actually, there is a (somewhat) technical reason why movie to videogame merchandising doesn't turn out well: creating a game typically takes longer than a movie, and both have a lot of reworking in script and technical areas, so the videogame is typically rushed very much so it can follow the finalized movie storyline somewhat and be relevant when it comes out (usually close to the time the movie opens). Rushed games typically don't make for good games.

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