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Comment Re:What's a CSIRO? (Score 1) 308

At what point will it become obvious to people like you that the rest of us are perfectly capable of looking up acronyms and unrecognised terms on the net by ourselves?

I find this constant bitching in almost every thread about unknown information by regular internet users to be one of the most incomprehensible aspects of slashdot. If a quick skim of any major search engine's first page of results cross-related against the context from the article summary doesn't leave you feeling enlightened then I can understand asking for more information. Otherwise, please do the search, then STFU and sit there, warm in the glow that you know something the rest of us don't.

Comment Re:Cue the Slashdot negativity in 3, 2, 1... (Score 1) 617

The funniest comments (to me) are where Apple is compared to being the "new Microsoft".

You mean like where Apple-released software has access to APIs and features that no other iPhone/iPad developers have, in a manner eerily reminiscent of Microsoft's undocumented APIs?

Yeah, they're clearly nothing alike.

Comment Re:Different music concept (Score 1) 601

Young music marketers don't even think beyond 5 minutes of music.

I once asked on the Apple forums if the then 3rd-gen iPod would ever support gapless playback. I listen to a lot of mixes & concept albums and having a single 2 hour mp3 burned through the batteries, the official recommendation at that time was to have no track larger than ~9MB. After much flaming from the peanut gallery, I was eventually told by one of the engineers that there was clearly something wrong with my attention span if I couldn't handle a small silence between tracks. It was pretty clear from the comments that the majority were listening to pop and/or rock, so the idea of music going for more than 5-6 mins just didn't seem to have been considered.

Needless to say, it was the last Apple device I ever bought.

Comment Re:You're missing a rather important wrinkle... (Score 1) 367

Or maybe my point was addressing the claim that Apple's tablet isn't in the same potential market as Fujitsu's product. Perhaps this is your first time actually trying to comprehend someone's position?

PS: please shove your condescending rhetoric into whichever orifice it will actually fit. Does being a smug smarmy cunt give you a warm tingly glow?

Comment Re:You're missing a rather important wrinkle... (Score 3, Insightful) 367

Or, in other words, MagTek have Fujitsu banged to rights for infringing their trademark, whereas Apple have a strong argument that they're not operating in the same market.

That certainly didn't stop Apple going after Woolworth's in Australia for trademark infringement, despite the latter being a supermarket chain. Although Woolworth's doesn't sell computers, Apple claimed that they someday might.

Claiming protection from potential infringement while failing to do due diligence in assessing the availability of a trademark before using it? Either Apple's totally taking the piss or the company has a delusional sense of entitlement.

Comment Re:Python implementations still suck (Score 1) 176

Ah yes, the standard tired "why Python sucks" tropes, as usual coming from someone who has made no attempt to improve the situation and barely understand the issues but feels they have the right to condemn those who are actually doing the work.

If you want C speed, use C. If you want C speed in Python, profile the bottlenecks and write them in C, the easy bridging of the two is one of Python's great strengths. Hell, Cython allows you to code pretty much pure python with type declaratives, which will run both as Python _and compile to C_.

There are more than enough solutions to the speed issues in Python. Unfortunately for you, they _do_ require you to do something other than whine about it.

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