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Comment family games vs pc games (Score 1) 418

I'm finding that as I grow older, I need to find more family games, which can be played in your living room with your family -- if you're not too dorky to have one -- or just your partner. Being a full-time software engineer by day, student of computer science by night, the free time I have with wife and kid demands that I not be in front of a pc and instead in the lounge/bedroom. And obv, automatically the platform changes, and if you're going to play with your wife and kids, then the type of game changes too.

My wife has taken a fancy to God Of War, Tekken, but she doesn't much like Tomb Raider. So my choice in games has evolved to family games, or at least games that we both like. Also, to games that can be played while entertaining family/couple friends.

Comment Game? (Score 1) 154

My gut feel is that Microsoft (or somebody Big) fucked them (the authors of Decaf) in the arse and that's why they killed Decaf.
If i were a malicious hacker I'd rip decaf's internals out and either continue or repackage it. What kind of whackjob writes something like Decaf AS A LESSON TO THE WORLD. Sounds like one of those villains from Bond movies..

Comment Why not just USB and normal Networking? (Score 1) 77

Is there a reason they don't just use usb or normal networking? Perhaps I'm just trivializing space technology, but what's the difference between space computers and home computers [besides the fact they use real-time operating systems]? Surely that just means the computers never go to sleep?

I'm sure that technology already exists - so it just needs $200 Billion to test and make sure it works in space?

Comment Re:Why did he do it? (Score 1) 389

That's the million dollar question.

I knew fellow grad student who got into serious shyte for hacking. He was sentenced to a couple of hundred hours of community service - which he did at the very place he hacked in to. The staff, who didn't know as much as he did about computer stuff, handed him on a silver tray the New passwords (once they'd restored the system to normality) and put him in charge of the main servers etc. Of course he didn't pull any similar stunts because he was graduating soon...... If you were a decent guy, you'd try to regain the trust of the people you'd screwed...

Submission + - Antibodies may further damage spinal cord injuries (spinalcordresources.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In the Journal of Clinical Investigation has found that white blood cells actually damage more structures in the spine around the area of original damage. The Ohio State University Study further showed that the damage caused by antibodies could help to explain why patients that have spinal cord injuries lose functionality over time. The study further recommends that drugs that inhibit antibodies may help those with a spinal cord injury to keep their present level of functionality, but did not elaborate on levels or how to deal with sickness tied to the immunosupression drugs.

Submission + - SPAM: Oracle will not sell MySQL, Ellison insists 1

dreemteem writes: "Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has insisted that he will not spin off MySQL to get EU approval of Oracle's planned acquisition of Sun Microsystems and that Oracle's database does not compete with MySQL.
Ellison, in an interview before a gathering of industry dignitaries in San Jose, also laid out his vision of Oracle as a complete systems company.
[spam URL stripped]"

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Submission + - No Black holes in this universe, says Gerard 't Ho (technologyreview.com) 1

idigitallDotCom writes: "Reading MIT's Technology Review blog, I quickly came to the idea that physicists have no idea what's going on in this universe of ours. Black holes, dark matter, antimatter, grey matter, symmetry, super-string theory, emergence — they're all just theories! I was hoping the informed slashdotters could shed some light on this story: Nobel prize winning physicist has developed a new model for our universe. A result of this theory is that black holes and point singularities can't exist. Why are Nobel prize winners making up theories like this — especially now that several black holes have been proven to exist?"

Comment Re:Any other science fiction for us? (Score 1) 104

"self-replicating" suggests to me that that the robot would be able to create another object of exactly the same structure as itself.
On Earth - maybe, just maybe it can find the components necessary to put together another one of itself... but on mars? is there life on mars, firstly, and are there left over nano-robot components from which to build more nano-robots?

Sounds flashy and all.. but not feasible.

Comment delete vs backspace (Score 1) 586

really? Is it the delete key or is it the backspace key that is used most?
Personally, I mostly use the backspace key in favour of the delete key - I think because that's the one that's closer to normal typing keys.

From personal experience of typing (being a software developer, my life has been on computers for over 15 yrs) - I notice I prefer to backspace over other key combinations.

Deleting "prefer to" I would backspace X 9, to replace with "'would rather" instead of [ctrl][shift][left,left][backspace]... but maybe that's just me...
I;'d[backspaceX3]'d be interested n[backspace]knowing who the users were[backspaceX4]are.

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