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Comment Re:I use a typewriter you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 939

I type up all my Slashdot replies first on my trusty old "underwood five" typewriter, then put it in an envelope, address it, add a stamp, and send it off to Mabel, my secretary, who has one of them newfangled Western Union Telex machines. She types my text in and instantly transmits it to Bob, my next-door neighbour, who has one of them wizzy new eye-BM PeeCees and he puts it on the Intarweb site "Slashdot"

So I don't know what all they strange keys are that you're talking about.

Signed, Thomas via Bob via Mabel

But how do you know what to reply to if you do not have a computer to read the website?

Comment Re:That's okay (Score 0, Troll) 395

How is this insightful? You propose that an artist be paid based on performance, thereby only compensating him or her for the time on stage. Well, there is a lot of work, sometimes years, that go into creating a single record. What about being paid for that time? People do not want to work for free, and if what you propose is implemented, there will be far fewer works of art to enjoy for everyone.

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