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Journal Journal: Posting on /.? ... You'd better believe that's a paddlin'

So, with that out of the way, I have working sources already available for Widowmaker SDK. If you directly compile them INTO their individual binaries without actually going through and altering the code as necessary, then you're going to run into a lot of problems. The second part comes the ftp server. I have my own, but I'm not going to hand out FTP accounts. You want to see it work, email me info, and I'll have a working example within less than 8 hours of reading/responding. The only thing that will be distributed, however, are simple dummy files.

The other possibility, is that I upload a 6GB+ archive of source code and resources. Either way, I have nothing to hide.

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Journal Journal: TTLivescan Update/Explanation

Going to make this post in several different places, so here goes.

In addition to a massive database update (~200MB of new whitelist/blacklist definitions), I've decided to make TTLivescan+ donationware, which is basically the full version of TT Livescan with a few extras thrown in. There are several reasons for doing this.

First and foremost, in the ~4 years that TTLivescan has been up, there have been no sales, and it's simply not worth the effort to maintain a keypool of nearly 500 million license keys (with a potential keypool of 4 trillion). This doesn't include TTLivescan's predecessor, bringing the total lifespan of this project to just over 12 years.

The past 6 years to maintain server costs have all been paid out of pocket, while typically, I work one full-time job, and at least 2 or more side jobs that averages 60+ hours/week. The only reason I've maintained this project for as long as I have is because of two factors:

1)I could afford to pay for the server costs.
2)I enjoy doing it.

Recently, I sustained a fairly serious injury that now prevents me from being able to work, and thus, I have almost no income at this current point in time. I'm looking at the very strong possibility of needing surgery, along with at least a year or two of physical therapy to fully recover. Simply put, bills do not wait. That's how the world works, unfortunately.

Logically, if I cannot pay my bills, I have to prioritize my life accordingly. Unfortunately, there is the very real possibility that this project will simply cease to exist for an indefinite period of time, unless I can afford to keep it afloat. If you can't make a donation, at least help spread the word about it.

Erick Behymer

Temple of Transgression -
Shadowglass Project -


Journal Journal: TT Livescan Database Milestone

As of today, TT Livescan's database total approximately 350 million unique definitions, and nearly 17GB in size. In my spare time, I am currently working on a new version with some performance improvements. There is no set release date for the new version, but when that time comes, the announcement will be made.

More information, and other projects can be found at

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