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Comment Re:not a good thing (Score 0) 122

I did try calling a lawyer and none wanted to take a homeless persons case. You shits are all the same. So where should I go to next? How should I pay for a laywer ping homeless? When my leg snapps in half how should I pay it?

You shits disgust me. Not everyone is ready to handle being threatened. Go and torture some children and make yourself feel better.

Comment Re:not a good thing (Score 0) 122

Thank you. I had been in a state of depression since college. Because of how I was brought up, I always have shied away from agressive people. Like a dock that has been kicked never recovers. Afterwards, I was working at target and was barely making. enough money to survive. I am just getting out of homelessness now. I know. IT'S ALL MY FAULT FOR NOT KNOWING MY RIGHTS.

I'm sorry, but the government gave free reighn to the student loan collectors. You pomposs asses are what is wrong with the legal system. The reason why pleading guilty is sometimes better than trying to plead innocence regardless of the truth.

I will be hanging myself at some point. This shit isn't worth it. Why don't you go and threaten some local children and cripples and make yourself feel better?

Comment Re:not a good thing (Score 0) 122

I have tried to talk to a collection agency and they only threatened me. That is why I will be hanging myself. the FUCKS ARE NOT SENDING ME HOMELESS AGAIN. THE FUCK ARE NOT PURPROSFULLY INJURING ME AGAIN.

We have a system set up to catch the young into school loans before they know what they are getting into. I should have known better being a worthless legless shit. But that is what the collection agency was there to tell me. To also threaten me into work where I permaniently injured my hand on top of it.

I think the best thing I can do for socoety now is to hang myself in from on a high school with a note to warn the children of things before they get into it with a note on my chest. The plan is to do that when my current artificial leg snaps in half since I have no money to fix it and the collectors took away my medicaid.

Comment It is a good thing (Score 0) 122

It is a good thing. Right now we only have partial anonimity. I'm going to be threatened for the rest of my life for being a gimp and having problems with work. I have talked with the collectors and they do not help. In fact they ignore you and hide until you threaten legal action.

I lost my leg to cancer when I was 12. I had to stop school because of issues with my fake leg interfering with my concentration as well as making friends. But by then it was already too late.

I don't get any anonymity. In fact, when I hang myself from the threats, they are going to act like they had no clue what happnened. They already sent my homeless once. They took my medicaid away. They took my leg away. They want me to hang myself. With no way to fix my prostetic leg and no one wanting to take "responsibility" because of their bill collecting anonymity, it is obvious this is the end that the system wants.

Comment Re:I am Zachary Dovel (Score 0) 541

It's the threats. I have new work again now. If I have to stop it though like I had to stop school, I don't want to hear the threats again. I'm just tired of being in pain, being threatened for being disabled and not working harder, and not being able to do anything about it. It is no different than water torture. I have no plans to go on SSI. I have no plans to become a begger.

There is my on responsibility and there is their responsibility. They push too hard it falls on their own responsibility for what happens. They know I'm handicapped, but don't care.

Comment Re:I am Zachary Dovel (Score 0) 541

If anyone is in Seattle, they can take pictures after the event and perhaps mail it out.

Maybe cheer me on. Being in pain isn't worth it. I can't go out. I can't have fun. I don't use a phone because I get threats from them. I can't afford a new prostetic when this one breaks. It is all dead end.

I feel like i am 60 when I am 28. I don't want this anymore. I've tried so hard for so long.

Comment I am Zachary Dovel (Score 0) 541

I lost my leg to cancer when I was 12. Because of the pain from walking, I was forced to stop going to school before I could graduate. I tried to make it on my own working at target. But the loans people kept calling until:

  • They upped my hours so I lost my medicaid
  • My leg broke from the added stress
  • Forced me to stand on it for so long and bike to work that I was breaking from the mental stress of the pain again like I was at school.
  • I crushed my hand in my leg so now I have nerve damage in my hand because I was forced to bike to work when I shouldn't have been.

I know the only thing I have to look forward to life is this continuing pain and having the student loans people call me telling me I'm useless. I can't even do minimium wage work.

I've been mailing all of the local papers and handing out the paperwork. When I do hang myself, they can't say they didn't know why. They can't say they didn't expect it. As a cripple with no other choices in this world, this is the last thing that I can give back to humanity.

There is no hiding. I am Zachary Dovel, and I hope to be remembered for the good and not the bad. I just need to hang myself before they force me homeless again. Like almost everyone else in this world, the student loans companies want all of the money without any of the responsibility.

Comment Re:Let me see if I get this straight (Score 0) 311

That's about right. I had to drop out of college due to some health problems. I had an artificial leg that started te hurt so much that it was causing mental problems for me concentrating. I wouldn't ever go out to have fun because of it either.

After 6 years I have my first chance at a stable job. I don't ask for help much, but those loans are threatening me from even starting work.

I don't have the money for a new leg. I'm on crutches. I crushed my hand in my crutches so I have lost some of the function in 3/5 fingers. The crutches just make it worse. Hopefully I don't get carpel tunnel walking 6 miles a day.

I've taken a few handouts as far as good and shelter. I was sleeping outside for 2 months. But I have no plans to go onto SSI even though I could probably get it. If my student loans fuck me over starting this job, the plan is to hang myself at the student loan org.

I've set up the paperwork so no one can claim they didn't know. I'm tired of the government jamming things I don't need and/or are actively detrimental into my face while ignoring what I do need.

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