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Comment Re:Windows 10 Now On 400 Million Active Devices, S (Score 1) 153

I'm actually curious as to what their definition of active is. I have a Windows 10 / Android hybrid tablet. It pretty much just run Android, but, I have booted it into Windows a couple of times and have even let it apply the anniversary update. But, this machine is really only being used when it is running Android. So, how is it counted?

Comment Re:Solution looking for a problem (Score 1) 117

I thought pretty much the same: smart watch is stupid, doesn't offer anything I don't already have, ... Then I received an Android Wear watch for my birthday, I really like it, I really like that notifications appears on my wrist and that my phone doesn't do anything at all, and, I really like have the time right there on my wrist. I'll definitely replace my current Android Wear watch with another when this one either fails, or the state of the art has moved far enough ahead that it would be worth it. I'm hoping that there will be bunches of sub $100 Wear watches on the market in a few years, doesn't appear to be happening yet, but I think it will.

Comment Re:EMACS Memory Footprint? (Score 1) 133

I thought I was the only person that operates this way. Emacs for all editing, compiling and Visual Studio for debugging only. Visual Studio at 250 MB and Emacs at 75 MB right now. They are both looking at the same project except Emacs has SQLPlus running and a whole bunch for files open.

I honestly tried to use Visual Studio as my editor when I started at my position and it just wasn't as good as Emacs.

The only things I want is for Visual Studio to open command line applications in an Emacs shell instead of cmd.exe.

Comment Re:Because KDE 4 was terrible (Score 1) 818

Focus-follows-mouse is exactly the setting I use. KDE 4.8 supports this no problem without annoying auto raise or click to raise. In fact it supports the slightly better than the old sloppy focus-follows-mouse (mouse isn't in a window, focus remains on the previously focused application). If anything KDE supports all the various focus policies nicely and well.

For copy / paste I'll agree with you. KDE does support Windows style and X style copy paste. It does this at the same time and the combination often doesn't work correctly, particularly when interacting with an application that only supports X style copy paste. But, I'm not actually sure that the issue KDE and not the various applications. The pinch point for me has been copying from google-chrome and pasting into Emacs. It seemed that google-chrome was inconsistently marking the source and Emacs was failing to use to Windows style copy paste buffer. It annoying me for a long time until I finally switched Emacs to use the DE copy buffer instead of the X buffer.

Comment Re:My personal opinion (Score 1) 195

It seems that MS is trying to blame accounts getting hacked on people sharing their password online. My son had his account hacked while he was playing a game, they purchased $90 in points and transferred them to another account. It took him a month to get his money back from MS and have his Live account reactivated and that was only after his pleading to get refunded. MS appears to be denying this like they denied red rings.

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