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Comment Re:The new Nokia 3310 is not a Nokia and not a 331 (Score 2) 76

It's more of a homage really. It reminds me more of a 6300 than a 3310. I was hoping for a monochrome LCD with maybe a few extra menu options and voice over LTE. I always found the monochrome LCD much easier on the eye than the present-day colour ones. They could have gone e-ink if there wasn't a suitable LCD available without deviating too much from what the 3310 used to be.

Comment Sounds quite boring tbh (Score 4, Insightful) 282

Self driving cars being the main culprit for making things boring, but the rest of them don't fill me with excitement either. The future seems to be clean, sterilised, free from madness, politically correct and by-the-book. It also seems to be filled with capitalists who want to automate their entire business and live a life of hedonism on the bahamas while everyone else supposedly keeps working for their money.

Tl;dr? The future is a load of sh1t really

Comment Chinese imports will ruin Britain (Score 3) 170

Given that the British economy is mostly based on people sitting in office chairs surrounded by imported Chinese goods and that the British are already completely dependent on China for the most basic of everyday products it is in the interest of the Chinese to further nurture this culture of dependency on China. The British are deluded to think that the Chinese will continue to shower them in iPhones and PC's while they pump out nothing but intangible financial services. The Chinese are already realising they don't need the Western business suit middleman, having already made their way into the smartphone industry with completely domestic models and taken over the drone industry almost completely. Soon the Brits will have to start selling out to the Chinese bigtime if they want to continue their office chair based lifestyle for longer. I'd be very worried about the Chinese attempts to strong arm their way in and would be trying to keep them at bay and reduce dependency on imports from that country

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