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Comment ichoosefreedom (Score 2, Informative) 253

It seems scientific misconduct is perfectly acceptable, in fact, condoned, when it comes to tobacco control. In PLoS Medicine, I attempted to get Stanton Glantz to declare his competing interests. He has received 1.5 million dollars in grants and UCSF has received 36 million dollars from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. There aren't many who don't know who the RJWF is but for those who do not, they were created by the founder of Johnson & Johnson. RWJF owns tens of millions of shares of J&J stock. Who sells the NRT products? J&J. In fact, RWJF paid, just through 2005, 446 million dollars in tobacco control grants. Some grants to ACS had Medicare pay for NRT. An RWJF national program director was involved in writing the federal guidelines that tells doctors they have to push the drugs, that the patient should NOT try to quit cold turkey. NRT has a 98.4% failure rate for quitting 1 year or longer. The former CEO of RWJF heads a 10 million dollar grant at UCSF, Center for Smoking Cessation Leadership Center (compliments of RWJF). Glantz and UCSF stand to gain a ton more grant money from RWJF and should have to declare competing interests. Then you have the University of Minnesota and Elizabeth Klein from Ohio State University passing a recent tobacco control study off. The abstract states that exemptions from smoking bans for standalone bars have been considered to ease the economic burden for she collects employment data for bars...AND RESTAURANTS. She figures nothing in for lack of compliance to the law (in Ohio, year 2 after the ban there were over 7,000 complaints and investigations-HIGH compliance?). She does not say how many businesses were bars. In Minnesota, bars are outnumbered by restaurants 3 to 1. ClearWay Minnesota paid for this study and in the grant prosal it states "We believe that this research will provide public health officials and tobacco control advocates with information that can help shape adoption and implementation of CIA policies, and prevent their repeal." and "The proposed study ⦠will contribute to MPAAT's (now ClearWay) overall mission by providing information that enables adoption and successful implementation of policies to protect employees and the general public from secondhand smoke exposure." Think this study has no bias or stated outcomes desired? IT'S IN THE GRANT PROPOSAL!! And her article proclaiming no harm to bars and restaurants has been published everywhere with TV and the radio picking it up. This study has so many holes in it that if it were the Titanic, it wouldn't have made it out of the harbor. So...we issued a press release. The problem is when "science" is bastardized to fit a social engineering scheme, science will never be trusted when it will need to be trusted. I'm disgusted with dung being passed off as valid. It has to stop.

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