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Comment Re:But why have a catapult at all? (Score 4, Insightful) 314

The maximun launch weight on pure ski-jump systems are much much lower than catapult launches. The old British carriers for example were stuck launching Sea Harriers which had a max take off weight of 12000kg. The F-18 (the original one... they've all been replaced by heavier planes) had an EMPTY weight just 1000kg less than that. It's max take off weight from a US Carrier was almost over twice that of the Sea Harrier.

The new British carriers (suppose to launch Eurofighter variant) will also have a catapult.

The catapult is another point of failure. That's one reason there's 4 on a ship. And that's reason why US had an advantage. They had an unbroken string of experience designing, building, and maintaining catapult systems since the end of WW2.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 3, Interesting) 412

No, you stop this bullshit. It's pretty clear that they're talking about graphics capabilities here. The word innovative doesn't even appear anywhere in the summary or articles. Every fucking time we talk about games or movies, its the same shit. "Omg, it's shiny it sucks". Shiny and "creative" and "fun" and "innovative" are all largely orthogonal to each other. Their only real conflict is the budget. And this is goddamn Crysis. It's a game which is meant to be a tech demo. Like UT. Of fucking course their making it shiny.

And you know what? Crysis was shiny as fuck when it came out. It was slightly innovative within the FPS field (the multi power suit thing). And it was FUN. Maybe you didn't like it because you were clouded by your "only play games that can run on old hardware" snobbery, but I got to run around blowing shit up and throw chickens at people. And I look forward to doing it again. In New York.

Seriously I'm tired of this shit. It's not like these new shiny games are a torture to play or anything. You just refuse to enjoy them. Did you insist on Half Life being playable on 10 year old hardware when it came out too? Doom?

Comment Re:Make like a Tree and Leave (Score 2, Interesting) 113

Many municipalities run special garden composting services. You rake/pick up your garden waste/trimmings/whatever, put it in this giant paper bag, and they come by every few weeks and pick it up and turn it to compost. Which you can then buy back. And before you go yelling about them taking your stuff and selling it back to you, you -could- just compost it yourself. But you won't cause it's more work than you would like and smells bad. Which is precisely why they have to charge you for it.

Comment Youres or his? (Score 3, Informative) 614

Is this list for him, or is really for you? =P

Joking aside, tell him about Joseph Kittenger and Felix Baumgartner. Kittenger was the pilot/sky diver involved in Project Excelsior. The highest/longest sky dive in history. 15 minutes of free fall. Felix Baumgartner is a dare-devil currently trying to break that record. He's being sponsered/supported by Red Bull (come on, thats instant cool), and Kittenger is consulting on the whole thing. If all goes to plan Baumgartner will break the sound barrier. With his body.

If he wants famous aircraft designers, two giants that come to mind are Ben Rich and Kelly Johnson, both of Lockheed Skunkworks fame. Unfortunately, they're both gone from this world... the days of airplanes being a single person's brain child is quickly faming (if not gone). If you wants some famous pilots, probably the single most important pilot would be John Boyd. One of the best fighter pilots ever, he also went ahead and pushed an entire generation of air force fighters into service, developed an entire engineering metric on comparing the performance of fighters, and then went ahead and revolutionized the way we fight wars (look up Maneuver warfare... all of the official doctrines of the armed services are based on his ideas).

Comment Re:The opposite... (Score 1) 295

Cut lengths just like CGI is a tool. You can use it to achieve great things, or to shoot a pile of crying babies over and over again.

Requiem for a Dream - largely considered a great or at least interesting movie - has music video amounts of cuts. Wikipedia says it has 2000 cuts during its run time.

Long cuts done properly are great. Done wrong, its like sitting through one of those boring presentations where the presenter stands around figitting around for 5 seconds every 30 seconds while trying to remember his points.

Just because fast cuts are overused today, does not mean they don't have their place. Just like CGI.

Comment Re:no back compatibility (Score 1) 162

It's an mSATA. The entire point of these drives is that you don't need to take up a full harddrive slot to use them. If you want a SSD in your current laptop, you can buy one that comes in a 2.5" enclosure (the internals of those are the same as these). Where these shine is future laptops, where hopefully manufacturers will leave space for the extra SSD or something, as well as full out desktops.

Let's repeat. These are functionally identical to a 2.5" SSD. If you rip a 2.5" SSD apart, you'll find what is basically one of these 'new' SSDs. It's just a different form factor, meant for different circumstances.

Comment Re:SSD's are awesome, but the cost... (Score 2, Insightful) 162

They didn't try very hard to make these SSDs smaller. This is actually what a bare SSD looks like inside the 2.5" or 3.5" case that you usually buy right now. Most of the space is filler/kinda wasted for the sake of easier adoption (a good decision). These cards are basically what you get when you rip one of those apart and will attach right to a m-SATA (yeah, it's a real standard) interface, instead of going all the way around pretending to be a HD.

Comment Re:MS is doing that (Score 2) 345

The failure rate is much much better now. No one will deny there were problems on release and for some time afterwords.

The HD format thing kind of sucks. But you know what? If you want to game, the 360 is great. In fact, I would say that it's fantastic. If you enjoy the game selection, then you'll enjoy a 360. Cause it works. It's a goddamn console. It plays games before anything else.

Comment Re:Just a way to kill the used book market... (Score 1) 419

The mass of practice questions with solutions and answers which are usually (as much as we bitch, the error rate can't be much higher than ~2%) is plenty of value. That's pretty much it.

I rather my professors and TAs not spend their timing creating 100 practice problems a week.

Though granted, its totally overpriced.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 4, Insightful) 738

How could this possibly be modded interesting? Do you really wish to flog yourself to death? You know all those reasons why you couldn't just stop buying chinese goods for the last 5 years? Well, every single one of them still applies. The damage you would wreck upon yourself, especially in the short term would be orders of magnitudes greater than the damage caused by a rare earth metal shortage.

Perhaps if you suggested a more limited or symbolic ban/tariff then it may work.

But seriously, everyone knows by now that China and American are stuck. Breaking out of the current relationship would fuck both of you up. And China has way more slack than the US does to fuck around and be an abusive boyfriend. And everyone saw that coming to.

Comment Plug behind left ear... (Score 1) 241

Article (and doctor) says that it's powered by a plug that inserts behind his left ear. Does that mean he has a power cable running from his head to his chest? How did they implant that? I somehow doubt they made an incision the whole length. Did they run it along a blood vessel? They also said the implant itself fits into the left ventricle. So is the pump basically just powering half of heart, and relying on residual pressure to work the other half? If he's suffering from muscular degeneration, does having an external source moving what's left of the muscles result in any complications? The graphic (and explanation) seems to indicate that the implant is just pump that forces blood through an inoperative heart. Presumably that's enough enough to work the heart valves.

So many questions!

Comment Re:Head of state? (Score 1) 486

PM is defacto head of state. Queen is actual head of state, but since our Queen prefers to live in her palaces in one of the other countries she lords over, we get her governor-general to sign everything for her.

GG and Queen is largely ceremonial, though they actually do have some actual power. Recently, our PM asked the GG to prorogue (end) parliament early. It would have been within her (our previous GG was female) to say no (and a lot of wished she did). Turns out Harper had a devious plan of bugging the Queen to overrule her GG if she actually did say no. That would have been something remarkable to see. Probably the most the Queen has used her power in any official capacity in a long time.

And we don't need a monarch to come up with "pointless bullshit". Your army actually spends money making sure their unit crests are heraldry correct according to rules made up by bunch of old Europeans back before guns ever did anything useful. Think about that.

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