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Comment Re:Recent claims by whom? (Score 2) 224

Lions too. When a new male takes over a pack, many times the cubs are killed. Sometimes by the male, sometimes by the females. If the last mate wasn't strong enough to stay in power, then his cubs are likely inferior as well.

Not exactly. The new Male lion kills the previous one's cubs to ensure that the pride females comes to heat much quickly and he can distribute his genes before he becomes old and driven out by another new Male.

Comment Re:No good news in that (Score 1) 350

The good thing about this will be that eventually all socialism will end, which is great, because all of these countries will run out of other people's money to spend and nobody will loan to them also, because they don't produce anything.

If you think Finland is a socialist country then you have No Idea what Socialism is.

Submission + - Monsanto caught shilling through an Indian Daily (

icecoldkilla writes: Time Of India publsihed a story as news paid by Monsanto regarding the purpoeted benefits of its BT cotton. A competiting new paper the Hindu further investigated and revealed the truth that publsihed story was contrary to the facts. Facts such as Poor Indian Farmerss who have used BT cotton by Monsanto are not hugely benefitted by it as the story paints but atleast a dozen have committed sucide as relying on this varity increased their debts. Indian government recently stopped subsidies to Farmers due to World Bank pressures and paving way to companies like Monsanto to benefit at the cost of Farmers.

Comment Re:US pressure (Score 1) 123

- India has no reason to fight against pirates .

That is not entirly true Every Shitty Bollywood and regional movies have blamed their failures on the pirates(Right from the beginning when most of the India didin't even have Televisions sets). Recently during release of a shitty movie from Big Cinemas entire Blogger was blocked due to Court order.

Comment Re:VLC developer using this as soapbox!!! (Score 1) 717

Why would I bother developing something if I wasn't going to distribute it, either myself or someone I work for?

Then don't use the code from a GPLed software. Write the program from scratch or use BSD licensed software. GPL is conceived to ensure freedom for all. Not just for lazy plagiarists.

Comment Re:VLC developer using this as soapbox!!! (Score 5, Informative) 717

No. Under GPL if I add something useful and extend the program, I have to also post those changes under GPL.

Only if you distribute the program the restriction kicks in. If you just use the program no one is going to force you to post the changes and modifications.

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