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Submission + - Philae Lander touches down on comet 67P (

iceco2 writes: The ESA Rosetta Mission has successfully landed the Philea lander on the comet after 10 years in transit.
The lander is expected to dig into the comet and hopefully gain insight into the birth of out solar system.

Submission + - Amazon launches RedShift a managed column based data database (

iceco2 writes: "Amazon appears to be going head to head with Vertica and launched a limited public beta of RedShift, a column base database for data warehousing.
DataWarehouse DB such as Vertica, GreenPlum etc. are notorious for not taking well to the cloud due to unreliable disk performance. Can amazon do better?
publications seem to be scant on technical details.
more by amazon:"


Submission + - Nasa tests new hypersonic plane (

iceco2 writes: "Nasa and The US military tested a ne hypersonic pkane designated X-51A, Waverider. According to plan the plane was supposed to fly for 5 minutes reaching a speed of over 6 Mach(4500 Mph). The X-51A uses a scramJet engine with no moving parts. No news yet as to results of the test flight."

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