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Comment Re: Gots to find more ways to avoid taxes (Score 2) 533

That's funny, because during that time period, I got a ticket for speeding, a bill from the IRS, taxes were taken out of my pay check every week, and my neighbor's EBT card continued to work to buy groceries. The VA didn't kick my dad out of the hospital.

Well, let's see... Speeding ticket -- a service provided by the state, county, or city you were busted in IRS bill -- well, we've privatized the Post Office and generating a bill doesn't require people (or it was mailed before the shutdown). Payroll taxes -- taken out by a private payroll provider, usually, and sent to the gubmint EBT -- administered by the state, usually through the counties As for the VA -- they are funded in advance a bit and the shutdown didn't last long enough for them to run out of money.

Comment New Article Summary (Score 1) 238

"Not content with the profitability of Slashdot, researchers at DICE have their sights set on a new beast of a website that could have a negative content impact of 80 to 100 percent. The “leading provider of specialized websites” announced that it was hatching plans for an horrendous successor to with an experimental rollout, which was quickly shit upon by the Slashdot community, resulting in an “apology” this week. The idea is to consider different Slashdot designs that will result of greater monetization of contributed assets— much more money. DICE wrote it was looking for a major redesign in order to create a website more accessible and shareable by a wider audience. "The existing site is fine. Fuck beta."

Comment Re:Planned intimidation tactic (Score 1) 1034

There is another side of coin: The more footage of every person there is, the more opportunities you have to find something incriminating or blackmail worthy. I am not afraid of cops getting free pass on some assaults.

I am afraid of future where anyones life is easily pieced together from footage gathered from hundreds/thousands walking cameras, analyzed for weaknesses and exploited. Anytime you run afoul of little pointless law, anytime you do something that can easily be taken out of context to villify you, any secret you might want to keep secret.

If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

I wonder how many pictures or minutes of video it takes...

Comment Re:Chicago Teachers Rip 'Big Money Interest Groups (Score 2, Insightful) 404

It is illegal for a group of CEOs to join an organization dedicated to fixing prices. Or did you think that was a bad idea too? Both concepts undermine competition and are bad for everyone except those in the organization.

Nice straw man, but you unintentionally pointed to exactly the right comparison. CEOs head organizations which are comprised of many people gathering together to obtain mutual benefit, namely pooled resources that allow members of the organization to engage in activities and reap benefits that they could not individually. These folks all gather together to have greater bargaining power in the market. We even privilege these collectivist organizations under law by providing the individual members immunity for the (negative) actions of the organization.

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