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Square Enix Facing Class Action Suit Over FFXI "Hidden Fees" 76

A class action lawsuit has been initiated against Square Enix over the fees they charge for subscription-based MMO Final Fantasy XI. The court filing alleges "deceptive advertising, unfair practices, and fraudulent concealment" of information about the game's pricing model, essentially saying Square Enix doesn't clearly advertise that there is a monthly fee, and that failure to pay can result in late fees and account termination. The plaintiff is seeking a settlement in excess of $5,000,000 and including "all persons who purchased or played the online games four years prior to the filing of this lawsuit."

Comment Christ, this poll has made me realise... (Score 1) 504

I have:
Personal mobile phone.
Business mobile phone.
Personal landline.
Business landline.
2nd Personal Mobile Contract for mobile broadband (not strictly for phone calls, but is capable of and can be used as such if required).
Skype installed on home pc (x2? - Both linux and windows builds).
TeamSpeak installed on home pc (both linux and windows builds).
Skype installed on personal laptop.
NetMeeting VoIP app on business pc.

I'm not sure how many exactly conform to the poll requirements, but what I am sure of is that I'm far too contactable. I'm missing some sort of basement to frontdoor intercom still though.

Flash Cookies, a Little-Known Privacy Threat 225

Wiini recommends a blog posting exploring Flash cookies, a little-known threat to privacy, and how you can get control of them. 98% of browsers have Macromedia Flash Player installed, and the cookies it enables have some interesting properties. They have no expiration date; they store 100 KB of data by default, with an unlimited maximum; they can't be deleted by your browser; and they send previous visit information and history, by default, without your permission. I was amazed at some of the sites, not visited in a year or more, that still had Flash cookies on my machine. Here's the user-unfriendly GUI for deleting them, one at a time, each one requiring confirmation.

Now Even Photo CAPTCHAs Have Been Cracked 340

MoonUnit writes "Technology Review has an interesting article about the way CAPTCHAS are fueling AI research. Following recent news about various textual CAPTCHAs being cracked, the article notes that a researcher at Palo Alto Research Center has now found a way crack photo-based CAPTCHAs too. Most approaches are based on statistical learning, however, so Luis von Ahn (one of the inventors of the CAPTCHA) says it is usually possible to make a CAPTCHA more difficult to break by making a few simple changes."

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 435

Website or high-street branch, if it's a bank in the UK, we have plenty of rights.
See: FSA.

In most cases like this though, a "one off" (hopefully), complaints would be forwarded to the FOS. Simple maladministration - coupled with the obvious security implications of employees playing with passwords should net him a good £300 ($600) compensation at least. And Lloyds would be charged approximately £700 ($1400) for the privilege of having the ombudsman review the complaint - regardless of the outcome.

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