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Data Storage

Submission + - How to keep laptop & desktop files in sync?

corinroyal writes: "I've setup Xubuntu & Lyx on my grandmother's old iBook G3 for my moderately luddite housemate who's writing her novel. I'd like her to be able to write on either her desktop or laptop and have any edits automagically synchronized with the other machine whenever the laptop is connected to our home network. I've looked a bit into options like Rsync, Unison, and the Coda distributed file system. Wondering if anyone here has found a good solution they'd care to describe. To my mind a great solution would have the following:
  1. Near real-time, continuous syncing when connected to the network
  2. Intelligent options for merging conflicting changes (such as when the same file has been edited on the disconnected laptop and on the desktop)
  3. Encrypted network traffic, compatibility with encrypted filesystems like truecrypt
  4. Invisible to user except in case of change conflicts

Submission + - Chimps making weapons to hunt and kill for food

Pojut writes: "The Washington Post has an article involving chimps and weapons. Apparently, there have been direct observations of Chimps in the west African Savannah modifying sticks to create spears. They then use these spears to kill small mammals and eat them. It is the first time that an animal other than a human has been directly observed in crafting a weapon for the purpose of hunting or killing. URL: le/2007/02/22/AR2007022201007.html"

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