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Submission + - Firefox 3 (essentially) Crashes MacBook Pros.

warren.oates writes: Over the years I've been appalled by the arrogance of open-source programmers. The Mozilla crowd is no different, despite the beams of sunshine I've been told are pouring out of their butts. The latest Firefox, 3.0.8, contains some kind of serious bug that keeps MacBook Pros from sleeping. There are two open so-called bug reports, this one (with some input from me) and a much more detailed one (with some ideas about what the problem might be. It seems to be the sqlite thing they're using to keep track of our boomarks and history). Note that in this latter "report" we get such gems as "Lots of folks at the Mozilla campus have macbook pros and we don't have any problems," and the great weasel-out: "it seems pretty niche." It's not fucking "niche." FF3 keeps a MacBook Pro from sleeping; if it can't sleep it's battery will eventually die; if it's battery dies, it crashes. This is a serious bug, and they haven't even bothered assigning it to anyone who gives a shit. Back to Safari and bye-bye Firefox. If I sound bitter and old and pissed off, it's because I am.
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