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Comment M$ License Issue.... (Score 1) 383

Its been so long since I bought any M$ product that I have no idea what their license says now but at one point wasn't there a prohibition against using their alleged OS for safety critical ( in the formal sense [ HRI, etc ] ) applications like oh say nuclear and aircraft control systems?

Comment Potentially good news for the Afghan economy (Score 1) 688

Handled right this could be a driver to bring Afghanistan into at least the 18th century.
Having said that there are still the enormous barriers of illiteracy, tribalism, corruption, etc
to overcome before any benefits accrue to the locals. About all that could be done initially is
some kind of extractive operation. As time goes by of course local industry could be built up
to take advantage of the base that extractive ops fund.
And of course the Leftwingantiglobaloanarchistdeathtochimpeymcbushitlercheneyburton crowd
will move heaven and earth to prevent any meaningful use of the resources. Not to mention the
mullahs who will see this as theft of Mooselimb assets and "against religion".

Comment Exactly.... (Score 0, Flamebait) 617

No end in sight for the politicizing of the science and research surrounding climate change.

All the AGW advocates had to do was play the science straight and they should have been able to make their point on the merits. For whatever reason thats the one thing they did not do and we are treated to the spectacle of weekly revelations of fraudulent manipulation of the data on a global scale. And these clownshoes still insist that "the science is settled". Nuhuh sez I. They are going to have to work very hard in the full light of day to establish that the books are not in fact cooked. The Mann Hockey Stick is an egregious example of what went on and thanks to the leaks from the East Anglia CRU we know exactly what he did. Fraud. And on the public dime/shilling. Who's he think he is? Dan Rather?

Comment Now there's a surprise.... (Score 1) 429

Yeah, the mathematical statistics courses were just chock full of what we called "meds keeners" or "hoovers" ie those seeking admission to med school. Even those majoring in alleged sciences like biology were often shockingly ignorant of hard sciences and tended to fulfill only the minimum requirements in things like chemistry.

Comment When, oh when.... (Score 1) 888

Will the morons in charge of public safety cancel the current Grand Guignol farce that is supposed to guarantee that asshats-of-no-particular-philosophical-orientation-whatsoever-and-certainly-not-adherents-of-islam-at-all-no-way-jose do not get the least chance to practice their asshattery. What possible difference is chaining passengers to their seats for the last hour of the flight going to make? Had these same morons profiled this asshat and paid attention to the information that fairly screamed DANGER-WILL-ROBINSON we'd all ( absent those inclined to asshattery and their enablers ) be much happier. One fine day we'll wake up to the news that somebody tried to detonate a suppository bomb and you can guess just what new security measures will result from that.

Comment One Caution (Score 1) 467

As a number of others have pointed out you'll probably learn a lot about high security applications and I don't think there's any sort of black mark associated with such employment going forward. However if you enjoy gambling in Vegas you might want to consider that the gaming regulators take a very dim view of people associated with the technical side of the industry showing up in casinos While I lived in Silicon Valley I took courses at local colleges and universities. Two of my instructors mentioned they weren't allowed to go to Vegas casinos because they had been employed by a gaming machine manufacturer and the Nevada gaming regulators ( decades before ) respectively.

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