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Comment Agree, Android Apps Are More Easily Pirated (Score 1) 433

On Android, once you cracked the *.apk file successfully, you can distribute it to any Android device owners, and they will be able to run it.

On iOS, the scenario is different: Even you cracked the *.ipa file, other iOS device owners can't simply copy it and run, they have to _jailbreak_ their iDevices first. Since Apple has put so much effort in preventing their iDevices from jailbroken, I think the majority of the latest iDevices are not jailbroken. For these un-jailbroken iDevices, it's plain simple: There is _no_ way you can pirate _any_ apps on these iDevices.

Comment Re:No good news in that (Score 1) 350

Whatever sentiment it is, Nokia is the one who screwed it all up and to be blamed entirely. I pay absolutely no sympathy to this company.

Years of time was given to Nokia, but it never seems to innovate or improve the products _reasonably_ fast enough to be in line with the technology trend. If you don't perform, you will be flushed way. That's the market and obvious.

I'd say, Nokia is stupid and deserves it, but I don't see why this has to be related to Apple fans or Microsoft haters (How about Android fans)? In fact, there is no logical relation between these at all. And mentioning Finland & China just sounds ridiculous to me.

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