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Comment Applications is not the real problem for Linux (Score 1) 889

* Me as a private person: ALL games, Pages (OS X application)
* Me as a professional: MS Excel, MS Outlook or other Exchange client equivalent
* My colleagues: SPSS, Nvivo, MS Outlook or other Exchange client equivalent
* My father as a professional: Adobe CS

The real reason why I don't switch to Linux on any of my computers at home: usability. Linux for the desktop is still too difficult to work with, even for a power user like me. EVERYTHING that reasonably needs to be configured has to be configurable in the GUI. You should never ever need to open a Terminal to fix things.

Comment Re:Sad Sad Sad (Score 2) 443

It deeply saddens me that people continue to support companies that pull this kind of crap.

I'm sure that Sony/Microsoft et al would change their tune of their products weren't selling. But, when their selling millions of crippled or bugged titles, my lone voice is crushed by the cacophonous accusations of paranoia.

The problem is that if we stop buying them, they will claim it was due to piracy or whatever and have the legislators make up new rules forcing us to purchase their products.

Comment Re:It's not lying (Score 2, Insightful) 359

Institutions and companies as well for that matter, REALLY need to learn how to; read contracts and agreements, formulate needs and demands (preferably with help of a third party) and not to trust the seller of a product or service.

How hard can it really be? REALLY!? (If you really wanted and devoted resources to it, that is)

Comment Boooring (Score 1) 502

"Sell at a mass market price", "Embrace the cloudloosely", "Incorporate Kinect into the box", "Keep building out the entertainment functionality", "Launch with major franchises"...

Come on!!!

What an extremely unimaginative list of suggestions. Here's a proper list:

* Max amount of RAM that fits in to the SRP, preferably 16 GB, at least 8 GB, probably more important than CPU nowadays for consoles
* Blu-Ray
* Expansion through USB-ports, connect any USB harddrive

Comment Re:No. (Score 2, Insightful) 645

There are 100 times as many white teenagers plastered to their monitor messing around with their computer as there are black teenagers. Since successful tech entrepreneurs tend to be the kids who spent thousands of hours in front of their computer when they were kids, and the kids spending thousands of hours in front of their computer are almost all white (or asian), then of course almost all the tech entrepreneurs will be white.

It's got nothing to do with silicon valley. It's due to the comparative lack of computer availability to young black teens, and a cultural difference where American black culture has a much lower opinion on average of nerdy endeavors as opposed to American white culture.

In regard to an issue as important as this (why a certain sector is not reflecting society), it would be a lot easier to accept someone's opinion if they could refer to some kind of research or statistics instead of just offering blunt statements and/or rants.

Comment Re:Marketing (Score 0) 433

Absolutely. And the writer of the piece (Richard Stallman) published by the Guardian seems to be marketing for free software. I mean, his statement that: "Even though the Android phones of today are considerably less bad than Apple or Windows smartphones, they cannot be said to respect your freedom." is in any way you look at it: bollocks.

WHY are they less bad? For whom?

Yes Apple smartphones are SuperLockedIn and not many people has much good to say of the new Windows phones. But come on, that blanket statement gets FOSS systems nowhere...

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 1) 359

It's ADSL for most people, 8/12/24 Mbps is the normal speeds. You can see the stats yourself here: (in Swedish only).

The price for broadband is normally about 250 SEK/€28/$38 a month, regardless of speed (8/12/24 Mbps ADSL or 100 Mbps fiber).

Comment Where's the news? (Score 1) 359

What do you mean "speed test", we've had gigabit broadband for some time in Sweden. It costs about 900 SEK/€100/$140, you can order it here:

Not available in all cities of course, but still. Not much news with gigabit broadband.

And that WiFi and most peoples computers, let alone routers are unable to push those speeds is not newsworthy either. At least not at /. ...

Comment Re:What countries? (Score 1) 159

What countries need fingerprints to enter? I've traveled in Asia and pretty much every shithole in earth and have never needed to give my fingerprint.

Perhaps if you stopped travelling in "shitholes" you would encounter this... This mostly happens to people entering the Land of the Free

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