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Comment Re: Relatively speaking... (Score 1) 126

I've found the battery fairly good on mine, and with 64gb of storage I've not noticed the lack of an sd slot. My main complaint is that sometimes the data connection doesn't reestablish when switching from WiFi back to 4g or when I get off the tube. I've switched to a different mobile network the other day and it seems to be better so it may have been Three's fault

Comment wouldn't you do this the other way round? (Score 1) 435

Surely you do this the other way round and have Apple create a fake icloud site that accepts any username & password? You set the trusted network to have the icloud dns for that network point to instead instead of and slurp away? If Apple can provide an older backup then surely the backups cannot be encrypted at apples end and if you have legally compelled Apple to help, it's not like you would have issues with keys for the site? Any idea why the feds wouldn't ask Apple to do this instead? What am I missing?

Comment Re: BBC too (Score 1) 159

Sadly, the beeb allowing non uk residents to pay a license fee would have the exact opposite effect on the Tories. They would scream unfairness that the beeb is directly competing in a market and use it as an excuse to close them down. The only way they would get away with it is if the BBC were virtually given away to the Murdock family, then the Bbc/sky/Fox Conglomerate could do what ever they want with the backing of the Tories.

Comment Re: invite more people in? (Score 2) 547

Yes they are, I have several Muslim friends at work, some of them don't drink, but they go to Christmas parties etc and are indistinguishable from anyone else. One Muslim girl I work with is half Greek half Pakistani, she drinks but doesn't eat pork, oh and her boyfriend is white-english. How much more integrated do you expect people to get? Do they have to change their skin color? Give up their religion and culture totally? Honestly, class is far more important than race. Everyone I work with is middle class, as a result they actually feel they have a stake in society.

Comment Clickbait headline (Score 2) 81

I read the headline, and got very excited thinking that someone had found a naked singularity, it should have been re-worded to say, The Mystery of the Black Hole with Middle aged spread or something. Finding a intermediate sized Black hole is interesting, but not quite as exciting as a naked singularity would have been. To be fair to /. Sciencemag came up with the title, not the editors!

Comment Re: Ugh... no thanks. (Score 1) 216

I hate to say this, but shge was possibly suffering from the early stages of dementia. We had very similar issues with my gran, she was convinced the local council (uk local goverment) were watching her fridge. 5 years later, she now has end stage dementia. I do wonder if her fridge paranoia was a result of rationing during the war?

Submission + - Xerox Creates Printed Labels With Rewritable Memory (

Lucas123 writes: Xerox has announced a line of printed labels that can store up to 36 bits of data that can be used to track shipped products, determine the authenticity and condition of products, and even identify if a medication refill has been authorized, or if a shipping tax has been paid. The key verification features, which are targeted at thwarting counterfeiters, will work offline, allowing secure validation of an object or process without being bound to the Internet. The memory labels can be encrypted for added security and can store up to 68 billion data points.

Comment I volunteered for it. (Score 1) 179

At my old place, the company had a deliberate policy of trying to demoralize the staff so they would leave. By the end of my 10 years there, people were fighting to be let go. The fact that we were all outsourced Civil servants and our government contracts had transferred when we were outsourced helped. I walked away worth a years salary tax free and straight into a new job (I had to take leave to start early). I have colleagues who took VR that walked off with £100k cash and promptly went straight into retirement.

Comment Re: Coffee (Score 1) 307

You say that jokingly, but my first job back in 2001 was for a parcel courier company supporting customer placed technology (pc's used to print tracking labels and send pre-advice data) we had one faulty machine come back one where the customer complained the machine wasn't working, the cdrom drive was covered with coffee stains, when we opened the drive (with a paperclip) the entire inside of the drive was covered in coffee and when we flipped the machine over, the bottom of the case was rusty. Frankly, coffee anywhere near a machine gives you problems. Needless to say, the PC ended up in the bin, and the customer was charged the replacement costs.

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