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Comment Re: Europe is the one that should be scared. (Score 1) 667

As a very pro European Brit, I'm afraid I have to agree with you. UKIP released a poster of a long line of refugees heading for Germany, it was widely decried as echoing fascism even by other leave organisations. Honestly I think it had enough of an effect to swing the vote.


Comment Re: Tradeoffs (Score 1) 667

Food prices up, energy will go up as the pound falls further still.

One of the things the EU is very good at is redistributing funds to poorer areas. The £350 million a week claim was bullshit as much of it came back to Britain in the form of aid to poor communities. Those same communities (my home town was one) were where the leave vote was strongest. They will not be getting the same aid from the Tory government.

So poor people may be happy now, but they won't be when reality bites.

Comment Re: Tradeoffs (Score 1) 667

I wish I could truly believe that people voted out for high minded reasons like Freedom, but I don't. At the last general election, I went back to my home town (Referendum vote share was 60% leave) and spent a foughtnight door knocking to help the MP get reelected. What I heard on the doorstep depressed me. Immigration, immigration,immigration was all people cared about. I wouldn't mind so much, but but my hometown is one of the most white English places in the country, so people have nothing to complain about re immigration. I'm afraid that the Brexit vote was all about fear and bigotry despite what the leavers will tell you.

Comment Re: Reverse engineering (Score 2) 502

I'm afraid given the vile comments of many of the "alt-right" conservatives do not have the moral high ground on respectful comments. I should probably point out to you why those of us on the left have given up on being nice and polite. We see the US (and my country the UK) heading down a path to fascism and are enraged and determined to save our nations from that mistake.

Comment Re: Sad to see the Zuck... (Score 3, Insightful) 499

To be fair doctors are not supposed to pass moral judgements on their patients. That means that a criminal gets the same life saving treatment as a boy scout. Was this a waste of a good heart that could have helped someone that wasn't total scum instead of this guy? Yes, but was it right to withhold the treatment? I'm not sure that it was.

Comment Re: Relatively speaking... (Score 1) 126

I've found the battery fairly good on mine, and with 64gb of storage I've not noticed the lack of an sd slot. My main complaint is that sometimes the data connection doesn't reestablish when switching from WiFi back to 4g or when I get off the tube. I've switched to a different mobile network the other day and it seems to be better so it may have been Three's fault

Comment wouldn't you do this the other way round? (Score 1) 435

Surely you do this the other way round and have Apple create a fake icloud site that accepts any username & password? You set the trusted network to have the icloud dns for that network point to instead instead of and slurp away? If Apple can provide an older backup then surely the backups cannot be encrypted at apples end and if you have legally compelled Apple to help, it's not like you would have issues with keys for the site? Any idea why the feds wouldn't ask Apple to do this instead? What am I missing?

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