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Comment I am not your father... (Score 0, Troll) 26

And right now, we're going to chalk it off as dad phobia, something i did/said reminded you of 'dad' and thus triggered the Foeing, and that snowballed into this... reality cluster where you spent all night battling your father's ghost.

But i am not your father bethanie.

(and i don't care if i'm right or wrong, either, since no one gives me any answers to the one Question I was trying to ge the answer to anyways.)

BTW this a great way to commemorate September 11th, don't you think so? with wonon random terror attacks, plots for world conquest and destruction, and of course blaming the puppies for all the brave souls who died -- many of them running into a burning partially collapsed skyscraper hoping to save more lives.

And of course waiting for nuetral karma posting limits to become available :) it would be faster to use one of my many other accounts, or to create an account with a similar name heh. but i guess i am in no real hurry...

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